4 Storage Options For Students With Mobile Homes

4 Storage Options For Students With Mobile Homes

When it comes to living in a mobile home, you need to ensure that all of your items are tied down. You don’t want to go driving down the road and have things rolling out of place. Instead, here are four storage options that you can use for your items.

Under Bed Containers

One of the most underused areas for storage is underneath the bed. When you’re in a mobile home, there is usually a large gap underneath the bed. You can use this area to install sliding containers. These are great for storing extra blankets and clothes. Any items that you don’t need readily available on a regular basis can be the perfect items to store underneath your bed.

Rent A Storage Unit

The most common storage solution that many people tend to think of is storage units. They come in all different sizes ranging from a five by five space up to units that are big enough for RV storage. The size of the unit that you rent at a storage center will highly depend on the size of your items and how many of them that you have. There are storage units that have added options like heated units for you to keep temperature-sensitive items in safe storage as long as you need.

Closet Savers

Make use of closet savers everywhere that you can. They come in many different sizes and allow you to store multiple items on the door. These are very common for items like shoes. You can simply hang them on the inside of your door and save yourself a ton of space.


One awesome storage option that many people simply overlook are hooks. There are areas where there is dead space that can be better utilized. Think of installing some hooks where you can hang some of your items. Clothes aren’t the only thing that you’ll be able to hang on a hook. Rather, you can store plenty of items if you lace them together with a tie first. For instance, you can hang your pots over your sink to save space.

Living in a mobile home can make you feel like you have a limited amount of space. In reality, there are many ways to optimize your living space to store more of your items. And, if you truly have run out of space, you can always opt for a rentable storage unit.

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