4 Things You Should Not Say When Someone Has Lost A Pet

4 Things You Should Not Say When Someone Has Lost A Pet

Losing a pet is perhaps the saddest moment of a pet owner’s life. During this phase, the pet owner needs the company of friends and loved ones to get out of the sorrow. If your close friend or anyone you know have lost a pet, do console them. Believe me, your presence can make a lot of difference than you can even think of.

But, remember there are certain things which you should not tell a person mourning a pet’s death. We have made a list of that, which you should read.

1.It was just an animal after all

No matter what, never say this to a pet lover. Pets are not just mere animals, but a member of the family. A pet owner feels emptiness once the pet departs from this world and they grieve in the same way like they have done it for a family member or a friend. If your loved one is grieving, you should refrain yourself from calling the departed soul an animal. Instead you can say that you also feel sorry for the departed friend.

2.They are in a better place- heaven

Never say these words to a mourning pet owner as these words may seem soothing, but it has no benefits for a pet lover. For a pet owner, the best place for their pets is with them. Pet owners feel a sense of responsibility for their pets and they feel down when they come across the fact that they will no longer be able to be there for their loving pets.

3.You can get another pet

Never console a grieving pet owner by saying that you can get another pet. Why I will tell you. If one of your close family dies, will you ask for a substitute? No right! Pets are also like a family member and they reside in the hearts. No other pet can replace their place ever.

4.You no more have to deal with pet litters

When the pet is around, there will be various kinds of littlers and the best part is you will not get irritated to clean. You will enjoy the whole thing. A friend who is with you 24 hours, playing, eating and sleeping with you suddenly leaves the world, it is difficult to cope up. It takes time. During this time, if you are to console your loved one, do not ever say that you do not have to clean all the litters. It can break their heart.

Then what to say?

If not this then what is the right thing to say in such a situation. Say that time is the best healer. With time,the pain will reduce. Also, suggest your loved one to get an urn, either simple or a photo urn. You can also suggest to get a memorial for dog  wall or a memorial slab for memorializing their favourite pet.

All these can be purchased from online sellers!

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