4 Types Of Electrical Upgrades to Make When Renovating Your Kitchen

4 Types Of Electrical Upgrades to Make When Renovating Your Kitchen

One of the most utilized and beloved rooms in any home is the kitchen. Renovation practices revolving around the kitchen are critical, so you must understand the best approaches when planning on such a project. Homeowners do some of these renovations to improve their kitchens, while others renovate to prepare the house for listing. A homebuyer considers several factors before purchasing a home where the condition of the kitchen is chief. Whatever your objectives are, consider the following electrical makeovers in your project.

Invest in Perfect Lighting

No matter the size of your kitchen, your renovation may not have a significant impact if you do not install sufficient lighting. Identify areas that require more lighting, especially if you have increased your kitchen’s size. You can also improve lighting in the cabinets and add task lights in the preparation and cooking areas. If you have high ceilings, you can opt for hanging pendant lighting.

Find out the type of lighting-stands you can install to light these areas effectively. Enough lighting in the kitchen enhances safety.

Install GFCI Outlets

One way to improve safety is to upgrade your outlets using Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI). The devices prevent accidents related to electrical fires. In most cases, malfunctioning outlets and tripped breakers are the primary causes of such accidents. With low standard outlets, your kitchen appliances are not safe, making the users vulnerable to electrical shocks.

Install Extra Data Ports

Most houses have data ports in various rooms to facilitate the charging of USB devices. You can request your electrician to add extra ports in your kitchen, making charging and using devices in the kitchen more convenient.

Besides adding value to your home, installing USB ports in your kitchen reduces the need to buy charging heads from time-to-time.

Install Dimmers in Your Kitchen

While the kitchen needs bright light for safety, there are situations when you need dimmer lighting. Installing dimmer switches allows you to adjust the brightness when you do not need bright light. They are ideal for romantic moments. Modern technology allows you to integrate several bulbs with wall dimmers. However, only specific types of bulbs are compatible with this technology.

All these renovations can make your home more functional while improving its market value. The upgrades will transform how your kitchen looks and will enhance the safety of the entire house. It is advisable to contact a technician before starting your project.

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