Ways That Aging Seniors Can Live More Independently

Ways That Aging Seniors Can Live More Independently

More seniors are choosing to live independently in their own homes for a longer period of times. This requires re-thinking of home systems to provide easier, safer access during the day and through the night. If your senior loved one prefers to live at home, but has some limitations on what they can do, consider these ways to ensure they can live independently, without sacrificing safety, health or comfort.

Employ New Technologies

Video cameras can be placed in kitchens or sitting rooms to monitor safety. Although this involves a certain intrusion on privacy, if the senior knows the camera is there and why it’s being used can help to give a sense of added security to their daily lives. Personal medical alert systems may include GPS location features and fall detection to provide emergency response when necessary. Home security systems ensure that elders feel safer during nighttime hours.

Set up a More Senior-Friendly Physical Environment

If you do a careful assessment of how the home is set-up, you can easily find a number of ways to re-configure the environment to make it more convenient and safer for your loved one. Grab bars near the toilet and bath can improve safety. A seat for the shower area will make grooming easier and safer. Placing all kitchen items on lower shelves reduces the risk of injury. Securing rugs and electrical cords reduce fall injuries. Better lighting facilitates kitchen tasks and improves safety during nighttime hours. Stair lifts can be a great idea to provide easier access to the second floor of some homes.

Consider a Periodic Caregiver

Agencies all over the country offer eldercare services with trained personnel that can come to do light chores, meal preparation, medication administering and transportation to doctor visits and shopping. These caregivers can provide added safety and monitoring of seniors to ensure they are eating properly, receiving the medical care they need and are staying socialized and engaged in everyday life.

Connect to Delivery Services

Much of everyday life involves running around doing errands for daily needs. You can help your senior loved one receive the products they need by setting up delivery service for supermarket items, pharmacy needs and other requirements. Delivery fees are generally low and can ensure the health and comfort of your loved one.

Caring for a senior loved one requires creative thinking and the implementation of new methods that can help to enhance their safety and health. Fortunately, a wide variety of products and services are available to make caring for elders more effective and more convenient.

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