4 Types Of Windows You Can Install In Your Home This Festive Season

4 Types Of Windows You Can Install In Your Home This Festive Season

Every brick, nook and cranny has something to say in your home. You look to translate those little design elements and ideas that you have in your head and it is beautiful when you can execute them perfectly, especially when it comes to hardware like arches, doors and windows. Windows specifically have a lot of options to choose from, with a number of materials, designs and sizes that will help you visualise what you want exactly for your house. Here are a few window frame options that you might want to explore before you head into your dream house or just an extensive redecoration.

Fixed Windows

As the name suggests, fixed windows are windows that cannot be opened. They are used mainly to get natural light inside the house. Many design options make fixed windows a good option for rooms where you know you may never open the window. You can use it for the sole purpose of adding more sunlight and it also helps in keeping the heat or the cold out according to the weather.

Casement Windows

Amongst many different types of windows, casement windows are one of the smallest variants. They are used in bathrooms and kitchens to provide ventilation and circulation of clean air. These windows have a crank, which is turned to open the window on a type of hinge from either left or right. They can also swing all the way out. Many homeowners opt for casement windows for places where the window cannot be opened to its full capacity because of restrictions in space. It is advisable therefore that the space where these windows are placed have enough room for the hinges to swing out fully.

Hung Windows

We have all seen hung windows in old cartoons, where they have been used as a comedic relief for scenes, falling on the characters for hilarious results. Hung windows have two sashes, and while the upper on is stationery the lower one can move independently. Along with being functional, hung windows also look classy on modern homes. You can use them in either your hall or your bedrooms.

Arched Windows

Arched windows are comparatively more elaborately designed and are used on the front of buildings, apartments and houses. They give modern homes and old-school feel and a Victoria era vibe, and the arches on the windows are guaranteed to attract attention.

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