Child Custody Law In Florida

With the overwhelming divorce cases recorded so far in the united state, Florida happens to be one of the states that share a fringe of the percentage of breakups between families. no wonder the legislative arms of government in Florida saw the impending need to change the usual word for child custody support lawyer to shared parental responsibilities born out necessity that the word Custody depicts possession or ownership, Therefore, both parents are entitled to the upbringing of the child with a shared parental responsibility. despite this change, the older terms are often used interchangeably with the updated terms, which include “shared parental responsibility’, Sole parental responsibility’, the majority time-sharing and equal time sharing. with a shared parental responsibility, the safety and opinion of the child are been evaluated. Normally most kids frown to the breakup or divorce from their parents which in turn could play out negatively on the kid, more like distractions that are associated with a broken home.  

Determination Of Time Sharing

This refers to how and where the child will live. as the law Court in Florida provides two options when determining the parents shared lawyer responsibilities. which can be awarded to both parent as they will agree to share parental duties and make the decision together.

Custody Right Vs Child Best Interest

This part of emotion seldom conflicts with the child interest whereby a case where both parents having strong feelings for the wellbeing of the child would argue on who should be awarded or given more priority over the other for the sole parental responsibility of the child. still focusing on the child’s best interest the custody and visitation should be considered to ensure the child happiness.

What Judges Consider When Deciding On Parental Responsibility

It is advisable both parent should agree on what possible positive decision taken will help their child in future. where one parent feels they are obviously the better parent could mount in a conflict that could result in the judge in Florida to step in and make those decisions, he likely will consider some the following factors when deciding parent responsibility.

  • Which parent would have the ability to provide a stable home environment
  • Which parent has the ability to provide more necessary items such as food, groceries,  clothing and medical care.
  • The moral fitness of each parent and also job security of both parents will be considered.
  • The amount of time each parent shares with the child the emotional bond the child has with each parent, and the proposed living conditions from both parent.
  • Other vices like child abuse, child molestation, domestic violence, child neglects etc

Custody Issues Outside Divorce

Most custody issues arise as a result of divorce, which is associated with paternity, juvenile delinquency and the termination of parental rights. whereas the award of parental rights, duties, connected to child rearing with physical custody of the court takes this responsibility seriously.

A shared parenting lawyer should be able to solicit better advantage for you in other to win above 60% of the custody of the child with better preference providing your competence to be a better parent for the wellbeing of the child.

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