5 Fabulous Tricks to Look Taller in a Saree

Sarees are known as six yards of elegance for a reason. They are versatile, charismatic and graceful at the same time. They are apt for any occasion, and can be worn for festive as well as casual events. And there is good news for all the saree lovers—websites like Carma Online have some of the most exquisite designer pieces, the likes of Sabyasachi sarees, for you to browse through in the comfort of your home! This ivory printed and embroidered saree is the perfect example of the kind of exquisite designs available onlinee.

The best part about sarees is that they look good on everyone, no matter what the body frame. However, the best look of a saree is when it is worn by someone tall or with heels as the fabric has a better fall that way.

Designer Sarees

Here are 5 tricks to look taller in a saree to get that beautiful flow!

1. Fabric

It is a good idea to choose lighter sarees which are more flowy. The fabric of the saree has a lot to do with its flow and appearance once it is draped. Instead of wearing bulky cotton petticoat inside, go for a simple petticoat made of a fabric that lightens the look of the ensemble.

2. Border

It is advisable to select sarees which have small or narrow borders as they don’t look overwhelming and overdone. Narrow borders make you look taller than big ones, which can often give a petite look. The same goes for prints. Small prints make you look taller. The sarees designed by Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla are good examples.

3. Draping style

One important step to looking taller in sarees is the way you drape it. Always tie the saree a little below your navel. This is a good way to help you create an elongated impression. The frame looks taller than it is, and the flow is also more impressive. Pay a lot of attention to the pleats as well; the neater and airier they are, the taller you look in the saree.

4. Blouse

An important component of a saree is the blouse. Blouses with longer sleeves make you look taller. So, even if butterfly sleeves or suave sleeveless blouses are in fashion, it is always a good idea to go for blouses will sleeves at least till the elbow to appear taller in a saree.

5. Colour

The colour of the saree plays a crucial role in making you appear short or tall. Always go with sarees which have darker colour, as they give an elongated impression. When it comes to accessorizing your saree, use minimal make-up and subtle accessories. Let the saree speak for itself.

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