5 Ways to Enjoy Rummy on a Weekend Getaway

A game that has a great fan following in India when it comes to playing cards is definitely the ultimate rummy game. The people across different parts of India enjoy the game with the same gusto and enthusiasm. That is the reason why people never forget their playing cards even when on long weekend getaways. There are many ways in which rummy can be made special and memorable during weekend getaways. Here are some special suggestions to make your weekend getaway memorable and unique:

  1. Rummy in the Middle of Nowhere

If you are away for a weekend getaway in one of the remote locations in and around your city, don’t forget to carry your pack of playing cards along with you. If you are driving and come across some very distant location which has not been hampered by humanity’s advances, you have found the perfect location to play Indian rummy with your close friends and family. Try this and you will surely enjoy playing your favourite game in the middle of nowhere. There is a thrill in enjoying the game when you are so much away from humanity and there is no one to really disturb you.

  1. Rummy After a Tiring Hike

Hiking is something most adventure spirited people enjoy. Imagine climbing those heights with your backpack and using every bit of your strength in the process. Once you have climbed the heights and had enough beverages to quench your thirst, the one thing you really want is to relax. What could be better than a game of classic rummy to relax your mind, heart, body and soul? Try it next time you go hiking.

  1. Rummy on the Dinner Table

If you have planned a family weekend getaway, you need to plan activities that bring all members together. You need to pick something that everyone enjoys and what could be better than a round of rummy. Arrange a 13 card rummy game, which people of all age groups enjoy. You may set the dinner table, have a wholesome meal and then enjoy many rounds of rummy with the family. This will also increase mutual bonding between the family members.

  1. Rummy, Coolers, and Barbecue

If you are planning to create a romantic weekend getaway with your partners who love card games, rummy is sure to be a part of the agenda. Select the best cooler drink and combine in with barbecued veggies, chicken and meat. To this perfect combination of food and coolers, add a few rounds of unlimited rummy and what more would you want. A rummy lover will never forget the beauty of this weekend getaway.

  1. Rummy Against Perfect Natural Backdrop

If you are a nature lover, you will surely enjoy being in the presence of nature. Just imagine organising a rummy tournament with friends on a weekend getaway with the perfect natural backdrop. The thought itself is fascinating. Friends who love rummy patti game will surely appreciate the effort you put in to arrange this setting.

Couple the weekend getaways with fun rummy tournaments and exciting activities to make the time worthwhile. If you wish to make sure you win all the rummy games, you must practice first. The best way to do this is to play rummy online on Khelplay Rummy where all the game variations are available.

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