5 Major Types Of Breast Reconstruction

5 Major Types Of Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a very common process that helps women to regain or reconstruct their breasts which they once, got removed due to a particular reason. Type of breast reconstruction surgery differs for different people depending upon the requirement and the preference of different women. Five of the major types of breast reconstruction surgeries common in Las Vegas are mentioned in the below section.

Using Tissue from the tummy area

This type of breast reconstruction surgery has a dual function as it functions by reconstructing the breast and by flattening tummy through a removal of excessive fat from the tummy area. As they make use of tissues that are present in the tummy area of the individuals, they are often sometimes regarded similar to the “tummy tuck” operations. The process of using tissues from the body of the same individual is called flap reconstruction.

Using tissue from thighs or buttocks

This type of breast reconstruction is suitable for women that wish to get their breasts reconstructed using their own skin and are too skinny to use their own tummy tissues. These type of surgeries generally take up 6 to 8 hours in total and lead to a better-constructed breast. Using tissues from places other than thighs and buttocks can often lead to scars on the breasts. Therefore, breast reconstruction using tissues from tummy area and buttocks and thighs are more preferred.  

Breast reconstruction using an implant

This type of breast reconstruction surgery usually takes less time in comparison to flap reconstruction, it is done in 2-3 hours. It also has a shorter recovery time in comparison to others. This surgery proceeds through generally one or two-stage procedures and is ideal for those who are either getting both of their breasts reconstructed. Also, if your health conditions do not allow longer sittings of surgeries then you should totally go for the implant method of breast reconstruction.  

5 Major Types Of Breast Reconstruction

Nipple reconstruction

Nipple reconstruction is a part of the overall breast reconstruction as it constructs the nipples for the women who have lost it. This type of breast reconstruction is ideal for people who have undergone mastectomy and have their nipples removed. It is often done after the breast is reconstructed. This can be done by either using nipple flap which makes use of your skin to fold it into the shape of a nipple or it can function by using nipple sharing graft where nipple skin from your healthy breast is used.

Breast reconstruction from other breasts

This type of breast reconstruction surgery usually makes use of skin from the natural breast. This is ideal for women who are undergoing breast reconstruction for just one of their breast. This makes it easier for the surgeons to match the shape and size of both breasts.

In a nutshell, they are the five most preferred type of breast reconstruction surgeries in Las Vegas. Women who have lesser knowledge about the same but are planning to get one done can refer to the blog for information and can get it done.

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