Deep Cleaning Bedrooms

Deep Cleaning Bedrooms

The time of the year has come, it is time to deep clean your kiddos bedrooms. Deep cleaning can be very rewarding, yet is also exhausting. You should try and deep clean your kids rooms a few times throughout the year as little ones tend to hide things throughout their rooms you would not be overly impressed by. A quarterly deep clean will help you keep their room safe, and most importantly clean.

Where Do I Start?

Walking into your child’s room that looks like a hurricane landed in can be overwhelming and quite defeating. Luckily we have some advice for you about where you should start and how you can wade through the messy waters. First of all, start by simply picking up the floor. This is a great part of the process that your little ones can help with. You need everything to be off of the floor so you can see the carpet everywhere. You could even send them to their room before you are ready to help them and have them do it by themselves.

Now that the floor is clear, you should move to their closet. Children grow like weeds, and you will need to be sure to clean out their closets on a regular basis. If you can eliminate some of the extra items in their closets you will be able to make space for other things that you find in their room.

Under the Bed

Underneath of children’s beds can be one of the craziest places. You would be surprised how many interesting items you can find underneath the bed. I was visiting with an expert from Pointe Pest Control one day and he taught me that one of rodents favorite places to nest is in the mess underneath of children’s beds. It totally freaked me out and I dedicated myself to making sure that there were no messes stored underneath of my bed for mice to sleep in.

You should pull out all of the items that are under their bed and be sure that they are taken care of and that they have a new place to be stored. Teaching your kids that there are better ways to take care of the things that they have stored under their bed will teach them to be more clean in the years to come.


Once you have the organizational aspect taken care of, you should go ahead and do some deep cleaning. You would be surprised how much dust can accumulate behind your kids beds and on their baseboards. It is not good for kids to be sleeping amongst dust particles in their rooms. Their health will be better if you keep their room clean and tidy so they are not breathing in things that they should not breath.

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