How Can You Check Your CIBIL Score?

How Can You Check Your CIBIL Score?

Nowadays everything is simple and as quick as we just think of it and the thing is in front of you. Yes, we talk about a digital world which gives you full authority to do anything with just one click. Same the way a CIBIL checking is possible with three simple way, it is the credit bureaus like CIBIL, Equifax, and Experian. You can go with any of them and check your CIBIL score.

The calculation of CIBIL score is from 300 to 900 and, if you have scored above 750 then, you are eligible for a loan or credit card. With the help of this, you can reset your score, in a case you have scored 600, then the bank will automatically reject your application because it shows your credit card handling behavior. The score ranges are defines that how much capable are you for paybacks and payments.

You have many options to check online your credit score, visit CIBIL site or through PAN card. If you open CIBIL website page, then can see required details which need to fill with documents. Your full name, address, contact, an email ID and mobile number. After that, they can ask few questions which are related to your due amounts, credit card payment history, and previous loan, if any. When the verification, is completed they will inbox you within a day.

If you want to check CIBIL score by PAN card, so fill the name as per PAN card captured, address, mobile number, and registered email ID. After your information, they will verify all the previous loan, credit card and submit details.

You may be thinking, why CIBIL check is necessary? CIBIL not only update you about your score also aware of that, in a case bank will capture your report wrongly then it will damage you. Your name will fit on the CIBIL defaulter list and, this is a serious issue which you need to resolve it. Get in touch with CIBIL or write an email with attached documents to prove your statement.

How To Avoid Getting A CIBIL Defaulter List?

If you are thinking the same then, it’s great because in future it could help you to get quick approval. To avoid getting into low score list just keep in mind simple things. You should start paying your credit card, loan bills on time. On time payment increases your credit score limit. And the bank can always be seeking their customer’s for the same circumstances because they judge this habit that as an individual how much responsible for financial behavior.

Next is your credit card utilization, it shows your dependency for every single purchase with a credit card. If a bank offers you credit limit with your credit card, after that your duty to use it properly, in short, the less you can use the credit card, the more you can get the reward from a bank.

If regularly you are monitoring your CIBIL score, then this is a good habit we can say. Because this activity shows, you can take your CIBIL report seriously and, it is also useful for you. With this activity, you can control your expenses, less credit you can use and also can improve score if you are on average.

For instance, you are already using one credit card and paying bills on time all set no issues in your CIBIL report. But, in a case you are thinking that you need one more card and can handle multiple cards at a one time, from there you are in trouble. Yes, more cards mean more burden of repayments and paying bills on time would be difficult for you. That’s the reason always try to keep one card rather than many.

Say always NO to a loan guarantor, because if you are a high scorer and mistakenly your partner will make a mistake like forgetting to pay bills on time or delay in repayment, that person is in danger no doubt but as a guarantor, you can also damage your score. That’s why if you want a high score, learn to say NO to become a guarantor.

These are the quick facts, which you need to keep in mind and try to improve it then achieve a high score in CIBIL.You know the CIBIL score range is 300 to 900 and above 750 is a high score, the lender can give you satisfactory credit limit, as well as you can also gain banks trust, that you can pay back on time.

Below 650 means you work a hard, some bank may give you a credit card but with low-interest rate and not even eligible for a loan. That’s why an individual can check my CIBIL score online and pay all bills and rest credit card activity on time.

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