5 Signs That It's Time to Trade In Your Old Ride

5 Signs That It’s Time to Trade In Your Old Ride

It’s easy to understand why you might be reluctant to trade in your old car. A vehicle is a major purchase, and it can be difficult to decide what model is best. It makes sense to hesitate rather than act rashly, but there are certain indicators that it’s time to trade. When you notice these signs, you can’t ignore them.

It’s No Longer Trustworthy

Even if your car still runs, you may worry about being stranded. Maybe you’ve had steering problems or find it difficult to maneuver in rain or snow. You may have had trouble starting the vehicle or noticed a small electrical problem that seems to be getting worse. These are signs you can no longer trust your car and need to replace it.

Parts Are Difficult to Locate

As your car ages, it becomes more difficult to get parts, especially if your model has been discontinued. If you must order parts from another city or country for each repair, the costs can add up quickly and may end up to be much higher than you anticipate. You may even find that your repair shop has to get used parts from a salvage yard to repair your ride. As the years pass, you’ll need more parts, and they’ll get increasingly expensive and difficult to locate.

Repairs Cost More Than the Value

If necessary repairs to your vehicle exceed the value listed for the model in a used car reference guide, experts usually recommend replacement. The rationale is simple: for the price listed in the guide, you could get a similar car in working order. While we sometimes form sentimental attachments to cars, it doesn’t make financial sense to pay more for repairs than a car is worth.

It’s Not What You Need Anymore

Many car sales are driven by changing needs. For example, a two-seater coupe doesn’t make sense if you have a new baby. Similarly, a move to the country could make your low-rider impractical if roads are bumpy or you need to haul materials. Car sales centers can usually offer you much better trade-in credit if you’re replacing a good car based on changing needs rather than because the old car is worn out.

You Want a Change

Many people choose to get a new car simply because they want one. As we move through life’s phases, changing cars can be a symbol of advancement. Maybe you want a bigger car as a status symbol or a model that’s more like what your neighbors have. Cars are major investments, but if you want and can afford a new one, there’s no reason not to go for it.

There’s a Good Deal

Perhaps you have been considering trading in your car for a while, but you haven’t gotten around to it yet. However, if you see good Chevrolet car sales you like or if a dealership in your area is having a good sale, it might be worth it to go ahead and trade your car in. A good deal on a newer or more reliable car may serve you better than your current ride does.

In many cases, you simply know when it’s time to trade in your old car. Whether it’s unreliable, expensive to maintain, or just not what you want or need, you can trade in your old ride and improve your situation. When it’s time, enjoy the benefits of something new—or new to you.

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