5 Stunning Stone Elements To Put In Your Yard

5 Stunning Stone Elements To Put In Your Yard

Don’t assume that fashion begins and ends with your body; your home and yard are perfect places to explore your personal style. As more people rebel against wasteful, water-heavy and pristine green lawns, uncommon garden and yard elements are becoming more common. Some people turn to artificial turf, and others to gravel and stone gardens. Regardless of whether you are forgoing the typical suburban green lawn or you simply want to add a classic, timeless style to your traditional garden, you can add appeal to your property by using stones for your landscaping projects. The elements will give your yard natural beauty and rich texture. Stones are not only great to look at, but they are durable and easy for homeowners to maintain. Please continue reading to learn about standout stone elements that could make a great addition to your yard.

Pea Gravel

If you fall in the category of homeowners seeking to cut costs and avoid wasting water, then pea gravel could be the perfect stone element for you. This decorative gravel is very versatile, making it a valuable landscaping choice. Pea gravel is also cost-efficient and ready to use. You can choose from a variety of pea gravel types, such as a rainbow. However, when using this element for your yard, be sure to develop a maintenance plan to handle the weeds, so your landscaping maintains its great appearance. You can spread this gravel all over your yard, use it in small gutters and sections, or even in between other stone and garden elements. Gravel is easy to wash and maintain and will give your yard a unique appearance.

Crushed Granite

One of the top advantages of using this element, compared to other counterparts like decomposed granite, is its natural appearance. You can use these stones as filler when creating a pathway between the plants and sidewalks in your backyard. It would be best if you tamped the crushed granite down so that it can remain in place, even during adverse weather conditions. Like pea gravel, crushed granite is versatile and able to be used in a variety of places. It will give your yard a natural, authentic appearance.

Lava Rocks

The stones are lightweight and create a colorful addition to the garden. Most lava rocks are red, but some suppliers offer black lava rocks, depending on your preferences. The stone is more appealing when it is placed in the yard as a standout feature in areas like the flower bed. Many homeowners like the lava rock because it also acts as an effective weed suppressant. Lava rocks are perfect for landowners who want something with a bit more visual appeal to draw the eye and arrest attention. If you are looking for something that makes your yard stand out, look into the varieties of lava rocks available.


Instead of using tree bark and other typical mulches, you should consider sandstone when landscaping. It is soft and more comfortable to carve, which is great for the artistic homeowner. When you add this element to your yard, be sure to use high-quality landscaping supplies that make it easier to bring your vision to reality. Sandstone allows you to unlock your own creative impulses to install a unique stone element to your yard. You can be sure that it will make your yard and garden different from all others.


Slate is mainly used to create walkways in the backyard, as well as a border for driveways. The element is suitable for ponds and water features, so you can add that fountain to your yard without dealing with expensive and challenging aggregates. Slate generally requires less maintenance than other stone varieties and can last for years. If you are looking to add a water feature or just want a dark, cool stone to line another element, slate could be the perfect addition to your yard. It is also very easy to create walkways with slate, which you could then add gravel or crushed granite to in order to fill the space between paving slabs.

The stone elements mentioned above can boost your home’s value and add elegance to the property. When choosing the rocks or gravel for the exterior of your house, go with elements that give your property the most appeal, like those mentioned above. You should also use quality landscaping supplies that can help make your stone bench, fountain planter, bubble rock, or boulders stand out. Stone elements are timeless, appealing, and give your yard a sense of style and timeless quality.

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