Choosing Between A Bathtub and A Shower For Your Bathroom Renovation

Choosing Between A Bathtub and A Shower For Your Bathroom Renovation

When you renovate your bathroom, you want to create a space that is a perfect reflection of your style and your needs as they relate to the use of the various components in the bathroom. One of the large components in a bathroom, the wash area, can have a big impact on your overall satisfaction with a particular remodeling project.

To achieve the best results, then, you have to answer this crucial question: do you want a bathtub or a shower? To help make sense of this topic, here are a few tips to help you choose between these two options for your bathroom renovation.


When it comes to utility, a bathtub is hard to beat. A bathtub allows you to take showers, baths, and perform a variety of other tasks requiring a large volume of water. If you have children, a bathtub is an attractive option, as most kids don’t start taking showers until they’re at least five or six years old. On the other hand, a shower, given its short sides, isn’t especially multi-purpose, but it is quite effective at the one task it’s designed for: providing a relaxing space to take a shower.


If you have a smaller bathroom, then a shower may be just what you need. Given its singular focus, shower stalls can be designed to be quite small, with just enough room for you to turn around as you wash your body. The space that a shower saves can be used for storage or to incorporate other elements such as a heated towel rack or a double vanity.


While a tub can be made to be quite beautiful in a bathroom, there will still be a large piece of single-color plastic or metal that can detract from the look of your bathroom. Of course, the rest of the tub can be hidden in an enclosure that can then be tiled or styled in some other way by Clearwater Plumbing. A shower, on the other hand, can easily be blended into the rest of the space, even using the main bathroom floor as the base of the shower if the right type of flooring materials are used.

Water Use

If you want to save water, a shower may be a better option. Since an average-length shower uses less than half the volume of water of a bath, having a standalone shower can protect you against the temptation to be a heavy water user. Of course, if you only take infrequent baths, then this difference isn’t as important. However, it’s still something to think through as you seek the perfect fixtures for your bathroom.

Why Not Both?

If you have space, incorporating both a shower and a bathtub into your bathroom can be a great option. You’ll receive all the benefits that both types of fixtures offer and can even save time in the mornings by accommodating two bathers at once. This is one instance where a compromise definitely allows you to receive the best of both worlds.

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