5 Tips For A Cheap Yet Memorable Dream Wedding

Having strain on your mind and body is one thing but wedding surely cost a lot. The cost sums up from the venue through to the wedding band and even to the photographer. You need to make every pound of your budget count and not everyone can have the Royal elegant wedding. Below are the 5 tips for a cheap yet memorable dream wedding.

  1. Consider a Budget and Keep Up To It

Planning your wedding is certainly a costly affair so you need to ensure that you have sufficient budget in place that is well in line with your financial situation. It is important that you stick to it, as much as you want the wedding to be your memorable dream wedding will be a hollow experience in case you have mounting debts to return to after your honeymoon. Keep up with your budget.

  1. Take A Note of Everything

Every payment, meeting, idea, phone call or email should be made a note of, coordinating with your wedding whilst it is imperative to keep a note of everything to ensure that your wedding happens as smoothing as possible. However, your dairy should be handy and lightweight.

  1. Find A Perfect Location

Your wedding day needs to suit your personal requirements so it is imperative that the registry office, hotel or church is the perfect option for you. You do not want to put a damper on the affair if you turn up on this memorable day and it is not what you anticipated, which is going to be a big disappointment. Once you have been able to find a perfect location, you need to ensure that you build a good association with the staff of the establishment and make sure you bring your own personal feel to the affair.

  1. Wedding Band

A DJ or live band would help you blast out all your best anthems in the most ideal manner to end the evening dancing the night away with your mates, family and partner. If there is any DJ or band that is popular in your area, you have to make sure that you get to them ASAP so you do not miss out.

  1. Wedding Photographer and Videography

If you want to make sure that all your special moments of the wedding day are well captured, you need to hire a professional photographer/ videographer. However, it is imperative that you opt for professional wedding photography in Singapore! Same goes for the wedding Videography SG, as a video is something that you are going to keep with you forever.

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