Arranging An Evening’s Entertainment…

You all know that my first and last real love in music is Punk Rock. It always has been and always will be. Like I’ve always said “once a Punk, always a Punk”. That’s why once I stopped playing in bands and started promoting small gigs it had to be Punk.

The problem with Punk music though is that it attracts, erm, Punks! I know that sounds daft but lets be honest there are a lot of punks out there who just use the name Punk as an excuse to be a bit lazy and a bit useless. So when I put Punk gigs on there will always be some people who expect to get in for nothing or even worse try and sneak in through the fire doors or somewhere claiming that they can’t afford to pay to go in but then spend all night at the bar.

Then there’s the bands themselves who cause problems. I don’t mean the big name long established bands like UK Subs, 999 or Vice Squad. They are true professionals with years of experience behind them and it shows. It’s the young bands who turn up without any equipment or can only play for 20 minutes because they don’t have any more material. Seriously, it’s so frustrating.

So when I was asked recently at work to arrange an entertainment evening with a DJ and band I decided to use a professional function band hire agency. What an eye opener. For a reasonable fee they will arrange both the DJ and the band and they guarantee that the band will be professional and fully equipped! That’ll be a first for me. There are full descriptions of the bands and their repertoire on the website so I can decide before phoning what sort of act I need. There’s also a wide price range so even with my modest budget I will find something suitable.

I’m tempted to go for Olly Murs but I’m slightly afraid my wife might embarrass us both by trying to run off with him.

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