5 Tips To Help You Improve Brain Memory

5 Tips To Help You Improve Brain Memory

Do you find yourself trying so hard to remember someone’s name, a chore you were to carry out, or your to-do-list in the office? If you find yourself forgetting too often, you need to improve your brain’s activity.

In the past, we believed that brain developed during childhood and once we reached adulthood, it evolved fully. However, the truth is that brain inactivity will lead to brain fog or memory lapses.

If you do not keep your mind fully engaged, it will fail you. You will not remember the fine details when required. To avoid brain fog and improve your memory, follow the following tips;


The foods we eat play a significant role in brain development and synthesis of new neurons. Always ensure you eat a balanced diet not only for your brain but also for the welfare of your system. Include foods such as those rich in omega three in your diet for a healthier mind.

Powerful foods that help your brain will also reduce neuron degeneration and keep your brain healthy. Such foods include; walnuts, celery, broccoli, cauliflower among other foods, these foods will help you achieve a healthier mind.

2.Physical exercise

Engage in regular exercise to keep your mind active and your body healthy. Anytime you feel tired or your brain clogs, drop everything you are doing and take a run. If you try to work when your brain is tired, you will waste a lot of time.

You will find yourself spending a lot of time on a single activity. An assignment that would have taken say 30 minutes may end up taking you up to three hours. Your brain is compelled to think as you make a run. You can even jump into the swimming pool and enjoy the water. You will come out fresher and more focused.

3.Brain games

As you rest on your couch after a long day at work, engage in a brain teasing game. You can solve a puzzle, chess or even participate in live escape room games with your friends. These games will stimulate your mind. They require you to solve a problem.

Your mind is kept engaged throughout the game. If you go on like this, your brain will be healthier and more active. However, remember to keep alternating the games. If you solved a puzzle in a live escape room, with your friends, challenge yourselves to a more complex game next time.

Playing the same level of Sudoku or the same crossword puzzle all the time will not be helpful. There will be nothing new and challenging for your brain to solve.

4.Learn a new skill

Plan to learn a new skill keep generating new neurons in your brain. By doing so, you keep stress-related disorders at bay. You also reduce the risk of dementia attacks. The skill you choose to learn should keep you focused, and all your attention is towards the skill.

Therefore pick a skill which is of interest to you. Do not false yourself into a skill that does not fascinate you. You will water down the efforts. You can learn a new recipe, learn how to ride a bike, improve your writing skills among others.

5.Avoid multitasking

Carrying out several activities at a go will slow down your brain. Have you ever tried loading so many programs on your computer at once?  The computer must have slowed down, and it took you a longer time to complete the work.

The same happens when we try to accomplish so many tasks at a go. Focus on carrying out each activity at a time for improved productivity

Use these tips and stay away from brain fog.

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