Top 4 Most Affordable Formal Party Themes

Top 4 Most Affordable Formal Party Themes

Selecting the right party theme is not always as easy as it sounds.

There are so many factors one has to take into account. Some of them are the number of guests you expect, the reason for the party, the duration,the dress code etc. It gets trickier when all you want is a formal theme. With the following formal party themes, however, your work should be simple and to some extent, fun.


It stands out as both a formal and informal party theme. People prefer it for gala events for the simple reason that it is not complicated. There is also the fact that it blends in perfectly with black and white dress codes.

Its stylish nature means that it is one of those few formal party themes that can support both attire and atmosphere. In other words, it can set up everyone into a party mood. To draw more attention to your event and add some flare, consider red carpet, live music, ballroom dancing.

Then keep things simple by decorating your vent with one to three colors. Be sure to go for silver and gold to complement your choice of colors. A harpist for music can set your guests in the right mood.

The Oscars

Talk of The Oscars and only one thing comes to mind – glamour! This is a versatile theme though. Like the aforementioned masquerade theme, it is both formal and informal. Your décor should incorporate different Hollywood themes, red carpet, simple art and props that will keep your guests entertained.

Black ties and formal dresses are ideal here as far as the dress code is concerned. You can mimic the actual Oscar awards if you want to. That may mean having tables adorned with confetti and other Hollywood props. You can set up a podium too, and decorate it in dim lighting and rich colors.

The Grand Gala

It features stunning centerpieces, red carpets, grand lighting and an alluring décor to ensure everyone feels comfortable. It is all about bringing the old and the new together here. That means the room for creativity is big enough to allow one to choose different colors.

You can go for solid colors or rich colors. Your choice of colors should however, complement the dress code. Again, a black attire and dinner dress are ideal here.

Fancy Dress

Fancy dress theme is one of the coolest one that you can opt for, giving the guests their freedom of clothes. In a fancy theme party, anyone can wear anything of their choice, but the dress should essentially be formal. This theme is perfect for birthday parties, Mom’s parties, graduation party or any office party.

Here, you can decorate the room with balloons, pictures, hand made artworks. Keep the option of a few colors so that the guests can choose their outfits according to the dress color code. Use your imagination and make this party theme more happening.

You don’t have to struggle looking for the right formal party theme. There are so many pocket friendly options you can always consider. There are good party planners, who can organize the whole party according to your theme preference. Contact a good, reliable and reputable party planner today and make your formal party one of the successful of the lot!

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