5 Ways To Make Moving House Less Stressful

You’re probably dreading your moving day already, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. Follow these tips to make the day easier.

  1. Don’t Leave Packing to the Last Minute

Yes, packing is stressful and time-consuming. But it’s something that you have to do, and you have to do it right! I’d recommend starting the packing process as early as possible, you’ll achieve nothing by leaving it as late as possible. You can pack your essentials at the last minute, but not the rest of your stuff.

All the items that you have stored away in the spare room or the attic can be packed first because you probably won’t need to use these things before the move. Getting it done early will make things less stressful later on.

  1. Hire Professional Movers

Don’t be tempted to think that you can do it all yourself when it comes to moving house. You’ll just be inviting even more stress than is necessary. By hiring professional movers, you’ll be guaranteed a level of security and safety.

They do this for a living, so they know exactly what they’re doing, whereas you don’t! Being stubborn and trying to do the move alone could end in disaster if something goes wrong, so use professionals.

  1. Let Everyone Know You’re Moving

Some of the most stressful aspects of moving house don’t arrive until after the moving day. You don’t want to face problems because you forgot to notify people that your address has changed. Firstly, let your friends and family know so that there’s no confusion.

Then, you should think about who else need to be told. The company that deals with your home insurance need to know. You’ll need to tell them the date of the move, so that the policy can be switched to the new address. Banks, phone companies and energy providers should also be told.

  1. Take the Pets and Kids Out of the Equation

Your moving day will be stressful enough as it is without having to worry about children and animals running around the house. If you ask me, it’s best to remove them from the area entirely, it’ll make the whole day a lot less stressful.

Ask a close friend or family member if they are able to look after your children and any pets you have for the day. You might feel awkward asking, but you’ll probably find that they’ll be more than willing to help. They’ll have moved before and understand how stressful it is.

  1. Don’t Forget the Little Things

There are lots of little things that can make your moving day a lot less stressful. For example, you should clean your items and furniture before you pack them away. This will save you having to do it when you get to your new home.

You should also make sure that any liquids you’re transporting have their lids closed tightly and are not going to leak during the move. But don’t transport any liquids that are dangerous and flammable; remember to empty any fuel from appliances before packing them.

If you follow these 5 simple tips, your move should be swift and smooth.

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