7 Simple Upgrades For The Ultimate Luxury Bathroom

7 Simple Upgrades For The Ultimate Luxury Bathroom

Many people forget about the bathroom when it comes to home design. They usually assume that there is not much they can do to the bathroom, or the improvements that they would want to make would be too expensive.

Creating a great bathroom does not need to be that difficult for any home. It also does not need to be a very expensive endeavor. Everyone can create a bathroom that doubles as a private getaway for any time of the day. Here are seven simple upgrades for the ultimate luxury bathroom.

Get Some Entertainment

Entertainment is usually not an item that people include in their bathroom. However, having a little entertainment in the bathroom can be the best way to start the morning. Everyone can use http://www.directselecttv.com/ to find out what options they have available to improve their bathroom time every morning.

Add Double-use Storage

Storage is often one of the most common nuisances in a bathroom. There never seems to be enough space and everyone is faced to deal with it on a daily basis. Finding some storage options that have multi-functional purposes can help this issue. One new trend this year is shelving that doubles as a lighting fixture.

Install a Chandelier

A chandelier can instantly make any room of the home look more glamorous. The bathroom is no exception to this rule. A chandelier, no matter how big or expensive, can make the bathroom look lavish and fit for royalty instantly.

Hide Plumbing Eyesores

It is common for a bathroom to have exposed plumbing or other elements that are not the most attractive to look at. It is a good idea for every home owner to do their best to hide these elements to make the bathroom a more relaxing and inviting space. For example, putting a curtain around the bottom edge of the sink can hide exposed pipes and even create some new storage spaces.

Raise it Off the Floor

Cluttering up the floor is often the most common way people deal with the storage issue in a bathroom. However, leaving some open space on the floor can make the bathroom look more clean and polished. New trends involve not only rising up storage items, but also raising the vanity and bathtub to give everything the look of floating.

Create a Better Backsplash

Backsplash is commonly thought of as an expensive home improvement. However, there are so many new materials and ideas that can help anyone create a cheap and beautiful backsplash for their bathroom. The most creative ideas include using found glass on the beach, but there are also a lot of inexpensive materials that can create the look of expensive tile in the bathroom.

Finally Organize the Cosmetics Drawers

Organization is key for a less stressful bathroom experience every morning. Anyone can finally go through their draws and make an organization system that will save time and make the morning routine that much more enjoyable.

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