6 Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting Commercial Refrigerators For Restaurants

If you are planning to start a restaurant, then it is likely that you are also looking to buy a suitable refrigerator for your venture. Without having a reliable refrigeration system, your foods will never stay fresh and the meals you deliver will never taste their best. Below, we look six things you need to keep in mind when choosing commercial refrigerators for restaurants.

  1. Storage Requirements

The first thing to know is the storage requirements. How much food will you need to store in the refrigerator? Make a rough estimate and you will get an idea of how big the refrigerator should be. Buying an unnecessarily large refrigerator will not only be a waste of space but will also involve a bigger investment. Plus, if the restaurant has too little space, then moving around a big refrigerator can be quite a task. And in a busy restaurant, the congestion it creates can derail the operations of restaurant.

  1. Temperature

Next, consider the temperature of the refrigerator. Generally, commercial refrigerators often keep the internal temperatures at around 36 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit while the freezer temperature is usually maintained between 2 and -23 degree Fahrenheit.  If you need different temperatures, make sure to mention it to the seller.

  1. Ammonia Refrigeration

You will also need to consider whether you will be buying ammonia refrigeration or not. Though these are the most used types of refrigeration for commercial purposes, there are many new models that completely do away with such refrigeration methods. They also tend to be more maintenance-free while also using less water for cooling. And this will obviously lower your operational cost of the refrigerator.

  1. Ease Of Use

A big thing to consider is the ease of use of the refrigerator. Can you open and use the doors easily? Consider that during peak hours, numerous staff will be opening and closing the doors. As such, if these doors are too hard to open, then it can affect the operation of the restaurant and even irritate the staff. A refrigerator that is easy to use will ensure that the restaurant activities are carried on without any hiccups. In addition, you should also be able to clean it very easily. A refrigerator that takes too long to clean will only waste your time.

  1. Energy Efficiency

You should also check how energy efficient the entire unit is. Refrigerators will consume a lot of electricity. As such, if you are not very careful, you will end up paying a lot of money for their operation. By checking their energy efficiency and buying one that has the highest energy rating, you ensure that you only buy a refrigerator that uses the least amount of electricity. Plus, you can further cut down energy usage of such commercial refrigerators by taking proper care of them.

  1. Brand

Finally, the brand of the refrigerator is also an important factor to consider. Well reputed brands which have served hundreds of clients are sure to deliver high-quality refrigeration systems. In contrast, brands that are not well known might offer you cheaper refrigeration, but there will be no guarantee as to how good the system actually is. And considering that you are investing a lot of money to start your restaurant, it is recommended that you stick to well-known brands.

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