6 Tips For Decorating A Small Townhouse

6 Tips For Decorating A Small Townhouse

Decorating a home is a difficult process for a lot of people. Many people struggle with creating a home that perfectly expresses all of their interests and likes while still following the rules and staying within their budget. However, some homes have more rules to follow than others.

Townhouses offer some special challenges for those who want to improve their space’s interior design. Many townhouses are rentals, and even if they are owned, a person is often limited by home owner’s association guidelines for their décor options. Here are six tips for decorating a small townhouse that can help anyone make the most of their space.

Work with the home owner’s association to find some flexibility

In most cases, the home owner’s association will have some strict rules on what can be changed in the townhome. It is important for a home owner to discuss all the rules with their association and find out where, if any, there is some flexibility. Many people find that with townhomes for sale in Utah, they are able to make a few more changes if they get permission from the home owner’s association first.

Focus on vertical layouts to create the illusion of more space

Most townhomes are laid out in two or more levels that take up little horizontal space. This lack of floor space on each level can make the home feel cramped and small to a lot of people. Focus the eye upward by creating more vertical lines that make the space look and feel bigger. This can be done with tall curtains over windows, mirrors and tall, vertical furniture.

Avoid harsh color palettes

Harsh, bright or otherwise intense colors can work well in a lot of homes and add a lot of style to a space. However, in a smaller home, these colors can be overwhelming and too intense. Stick with a mostly neutral color palette that is soothing and relaxing. Adding small doses of color can keep the look simple while adding some fun.

Create designated and separate spaces in the home

Many townhouses have rooms that will serve multiple functions. In these cases, a person can not only make the space feel bigger, but also add more functionality to the house by creating designated and separate spaces within the room based on a certain purpose or activity. For example, separate the entryway from the living area by adding some storage options for coats and shoes.

Invest in eye-catching furniture

Because a person cannot make many physical changes to their townhome itself, the best way to create a new look and add personality to the home is to invest in eye-catching furniture. These pieces will not only add a new level of style to the house, but they will also appropriately showcase the personality of the home owners.

Find removable accents to add to the walls

Apart from painting or putting holes in the walls with a lot of hanging art pieces, there are some ways to add dimension and color to the walls without creating damage. A lot of new wallpaper options today are easily removable and simple to install in small spaces.

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