Reasons To Buy Titanium Dowel Pins

Dowel pins are fasteners that are used when permanence is required. When used in components of marine, automobile, or manufacturing, the decision to buy titanium dowel pins can greatly reduce the need for replacement. The importance of the dowel pin cannot be overstated since it is solely responsible for holding components together for the lifetime of the product. Titanium dowel pins are considered the best available for a number of reasons. When you buy dowel pins made from titanium, you get fasteners that are:

  • Slightly less strong than steel but with significantly lower weight for more versatility in design tolerances
  • More appropriate for use in high temperature areas where other materials will expand and contract more than titanium
  • Less prone to corrosion in marine environments or when exposed to chemical like chlorine
  • Able to be machined to closer tolerances while maintaining their ability to fit into designated holes
  • Able to hold their dimensions well in all types of conditions

Choosing the Correct Dowel Pins

You can buy titanium dowel pins in a variety of fractional sizes, both in metric and imperial sizes, usually off-the-shelf. Since dowel pins work according to friction, they may be slotted, tapered, grooved or altered in some other way to improve friction. When sized correctly, they are inserted into pre-drilled holes so that they hold two parts together without the need for additional fasteners. When you buy dowel pins, get them to either fit the hole in the part it will be used to fasten or get it slightly smaller.

Dowels are often used in applications that are exposed to harsh weather, putting those made of stainless steel and other less durable materials at risk of corrosion. Although titanium is a little more expensive than dowel pins made of other materials, the cost of repair and maintenance of regular dowel pins more than makes up for the added initial cost. In addition, large-scale projects that require professional repairs will also require higher labor costs for the time spent performing needed repairs.

Although dowels are simple components that are used in a wide range of machinery types, their importance makes it important to consider the results that are likely to be obtained from the material choice. Engineers are also more likely to buy titanium dowel pins from suppliers who have a reputation for providing quality products. Their goal is to make machines that will last as long as possible regardless of the conditions under which it will operate.

Getting Professional Results

Using the best tools and materials will equal better results for any project. For many, the bottom line is that dowel pins made from titanium will last longer than others but they also provide more precise results. The exceptional strength of titanium along with the lightweight of the material makes it ideal when using dowel pins to make spinning objects. In addition, titanium dowel pins will retain their tensile strength throughout a wider range of temperatures, making them a good choice for applications in almost any region or environment.

Dowels are made from a wide variety of materials and with a choice in styles. Check the requirements for your project before you buy titanium dowel pins that aren’t right for you.

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