7 Effective Tips To Take Care Of Your Roof

7 Effective Tips To Take Care Of Your Roof

If you wish to avoid leakages and make your roofing last as long as possible, you should take proper care of it all year round. Unfortunately, most homeowners tend to neglect taking care of their roofs. Some of them don’t even know what to do to keep the roof in top condition during all seasons. To help you with this, we list out seven tips to take good care of your roofing.

1. Clean Out The Debris

Clean out the debris accumulated on the roof regularly. Things like sticks, leaves, plastic covers, etc. should never be left to settle down on the roof. If you allow such debris to build up, it can eventually cause the shingles to rot. In addition, water might puddle on the roof during the raining season because of the debris which might block it from draining out through the gutters. So, remember to inspect and clean out the roofs and gutters once a week or two.

2. Avoid Power Washing

In a bid to make the roof extra-clean, some homeowners might start thinking of using power washing. This can do more harm than good. When you apply high-pressure water onto the roof, it can cause the shingles to crack. In addition, the consistent pressure being applied on the roof from a close distance can make it weak.

3. Trim Branches

Are there any branches arching over your roof? You should trim them without any delay!  If you let the branches grow, they might eventually fall on top of the roof and cause damage. In order to avoid such a scenario, it is highly advised that you cut down all branches hanging over your home immediately.

4. Use Experts When Replacing

Sometimes, it may be necessary to replace the roof or parts of it. Make sure that you only use qualified roofing experts like Lifetime Roofing and Renovation for roof replacements. If you let inexperienced, amateur people install the roof of your home, it is very likely that the installation process may not be properly done. As a result, the roof might face structural problems in future and you might find it very difficult to take good care of it

5. Avoid Attaching Basketball Hoops

People who play basketball or have children who play basketball attach a hoop on their walls.  But this is not good for the roof. Every time you miss the aim, the basketball will hit the roof. And eventually, this can cause cracks and other serious damage to your roofing.

6. Check For Moisture

You should also visit the attic regularly and check for signs of moisture. If you see any water puddles, it indicates that the roof is leaking and that it needs immediate repairs.  Call a professional roofing expert and get the problem fixed without any delay.

7. Equipment Installation

When you install any equipment like a satellite dish, be sure to check that the roof seal is not broken in any way. Plus, any flashing that is installed on the roof must be secure. Broken seals and faulty installation of flashing are not good for the health of your roof.

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