Amer Fort, Jaipur

Most Beautiful Cities Of India You Must Visit

I know a handful of places of this great country, sure there are many other cities that might be included in this list, but I have to select between the places that I have spent and that therefore I rate. After much thought, I think that these cities of India are some of the most beautiful.

About India

India is a destination that will take the eye about years to years. However for a few things or by others, and there are always a lot of outstanding sites to see, have come to nothing. Explore some India cities of India worth discovering. Those whose forts, palaces or streets have a special charm. I know of only part of the country, so I am sure that there has to be other cities worth to include in this small list.

India is fascinating in all senses. A brutal experience it is one of the few countries for which you want to leave, but at the time you want to go back. In our step by India some of the cities/towns that we liked most were a haven of peace, authenticity and spirituality, and the Jaipur, in the center of the country and with a few landscapes.

Jaipur, Forts And Palaces

Also known as the Pink City, Jaipur is one of the most touristic cities of India and its old town with all its buildings painted pink from 1883, the year in which he visited the city the husband of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. On the hills that surround the city are some of the most impressive forts of Rajasthan. And in the streets of Jaipur there are palaces converted into hotels and temples of immaculate white. One can feel the royalty in this city by travelling in Maharaja Express Train.

Amer Fort, Jaipur

Mahabalipuram, On The Shores Of The Indian Ocean

More than a city, this place is a town with a lot of art and beauty in its streets. From the Temple of the shore you can see the beautiful sandy beach dotted with rocks that overlook the colorful houses converted into hotels and restaurants. Walking around the city one finds headlights and temples which rise amid palm trees which surround mandapas of different size and importance dug into the rock. A place to enjoy the beauty and calm of one of the most unknown states of India.


Puskhar, The Holy City

This small town full of life surrounds a sacred lake in which threw the ashes of Gandhi after his cremation in Delhi and also here you can visit the only temple dedicated to Brahma in India (or so they say in puskhar). Streets are full of shops, restaurants and guest houses lead to countless temples scattered throughout the city, some of which are like small copies of the Temples of Tamil Nadu.

Brahma Temple, Pushkar

Vrindavan, Cradle Of Gods

One of the cities of India more unknown and interesting is Vrindavan, the city she grew up in the god Krishna playing with the sacred cows that walked through those streets that lead up to the ghats of one of the sacred rivers of India: the Yamuna. It is easy to cross with small processions of Hare Krishna singing or groups of widows who live on the charity of one of the many temples in the city. If one comes up to Vrindavan must also take into account the attractive Mathura, the birthplace of the god Krishna.

Orchha, A Haven Of Peace

Orchha located on the banks of the Betwa River, the cleanest of India, this quiet town whose calm is only broken by the passage of a truck or bus. Its enormous temple, their CENOTAPHS and its fairy tale palace invites you to stroll among one and another with the same tranquility that is breathed in the few streets that Orchha. Explore this beautiful city by booking Maharaja Express Luxury Train.

Cenotaph Orchha

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