7 Home Decor Startup Trends To Watch

7 Home Decor Startup Trends To Watch

Home Décor is growing at a fast pace and taking the world by storm with new trends and concepts. Social media has played a big part and websites like Pinterest and Facebook have contributed tremendously. Sites with best home decor website design have a lot of visitors. Home Decor has become the next “IT” industry with a lot of startups leading the charge. This business was once dominated by the branded retailers and independent interior designers.

With platforms like Pinterest and design blogs, there are plenty of choices, wide variety and experimentation. Home Décor has become quite affordable due to innovations in the industry, fast-changing styles, new cost-effective materials etc. The seven startup trends that are happening are discussed below.

1.Outsourcing that is Quite Affordable

Since long interior designing was an expensive luxury. Experts who were expensive would do the designing. This has all changed now. The new online businesses are competitive and offer very affordable designers who could charge as low as $50 per hour. Tech savvy people open to new ideas are accessed through online promotion.

2.Online Crowdsourcing

Interior designing has never been so flexible. The consumer just uploads a pic of the space and receives style boards and design concepts from various designers. Once the consumer chooses a particular concept they receive a detailed floor plan and list of items that are needed. Even the instructions on how they can do it on their own are sent.

3.Personalized Styling

Making decisions is a big challenge in Home Décor due to the vast choice of selection. Consumers adopt the path of trial and error. Companies help consumers with style profiling. Best home decor website design plays a pivotal role in promoting these concepts and interacting with consumers online at their convenience.

4.Reaching the End Users Directly

As in any industry home décor too has a long chain of middlemen between the manufacturer and end user. The new startups are working towards minimizing the middlemen or eliminating them if possible. This results in drastic reduction in the cost of the products and benefits the consumer without affecting the margins of the company.

5.Resale Options

Many online platforms have come up where the user is able to sell his unwanted items to other users directly. This has made disposing of old items easy and the trend of changing décor often is catching up due to this.


Marketing has become innovative and entrepreneurs are not just selling their products but they are selling a lifestyle to the millennials who are very receptive to this.

7.Out of the Box Convenience

Companies are offering fully designed spaces at the click of a button. This way consumers are able to see exactly what they are getting and there is no element of surprise. It clinches the sale quickly for the designer.


Home décor industry is undergoing a sea change and new startups with fresh innovative ideas are reaching the homes of consumers through best home decor website design. They have eliminated most of the middlemen and made it very affordable to the consumer.

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