7 Things To Consider When Hiring A Full Time Driver In Dubai

There are many people who need the services of a full time driver, while in Dubai. Perhaps the need is for business, or just do not have time to drive themselves everywhere. No matter what the reasons are for engaging a driver; here are 7 things to consider when hiring a full time driver in Dubai.

1. Cost

The cost of a full time driver is an important consideration. Driving services aren’t exactly cheap. Imagine how much it would cost to have a cab drive you all over the place and you’ll get an idea of the cost it involves. Make sure the driver you consider is an amiable and experienced person.

2. Car

The car the driver uses is important too. Do you want to be driven around in a limo? If you care about the car your driver uses then you need to find a driver that has the right model for you. If you’re travelling in a group then you will need a larger car.

3. Knowledge

It’s important that the driver is conversant about the roads in Dubai. You wouldn’t want to be driven around by someone who doesn’t know the area. Find a driver with plenty of experience and you can’t go wrong.

4. Location

Dubai is a very big place, so consider the location of the driver and their operating distance. You wouldn’t want to hire a driver based in the south of Dubai if you’re going to be conducting your business in the north.

5. Specialist Experience

Drivers are used by a number of different purposes. Sometimes they are just used as personal transportation, but they can also be used to securely transfer VIPs and other important personnel. Consider the specialized experience your driver has and find one that matches your needs. Some are better suited to specific driving jobs than others.

6. Language

The language your driver speaks shouldn’t be an issue if you live in Dubai yourself, but it can quickly become an issue if you are a non-resident of Dubai. You need to be able to communicate effectively with your driver to let him know where you want to go, if there is any change in plan, and to just make polite conversation to pass the time. Find a driver that speaks your language.

7. Reputation

Not all full time drivers are created equally. Do a little research on the individual or the company in question and see what you can find out about their reputation. If other people had a pleasant experience with the driver then you should also be looking forward to an enjoyable ride. Conversely, if other people had negative experiences then you might have them too and should consider looking for another driver.

There’s a lot of thought that goes into choosing the right full-time driver in Dubai. If you want to get rid of all the guesswork and work with one of the best agencies in Dubai then you should check out Savoir Vivre. Let them take care of your driving needs with their friendly, knowledgeable, and safe drivers.

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