Top Tips For Staying Healthy In 2017

If you’ve suffered a bad cold through out the colder weather or seem to keep picking up ailments throughout the year, then make sure that you give you body the best chance of staying healthy in 2017 by making some lifestyle changes.

Exercise –It goes without saying that exercise plays a key factor in your health. Whether it is to keep your blood pressure down or to maintain a healthy heart rate, regular exercise of any level will help you to fit off illnesses and health problems. If you haven’t recently been for a medical check up then why not book one in and ensure that your health stats are looking okay.

If you find it hard to get the motivation to do exercise then you might find it easier to join a class or exercise with a friend. There are lots of types of fitness classes that cover all levels of fitness, so don’t be afraid to get started and remember that everybody has been there at some point. You probably won’t want to sample some of the typical historical bush tucker food like witchetty grubs and snakes but you can experience some traditional bush tucker for a truly unusual food experience whilst travelling.

Improve your diet – Again, a fairly obvious one but your diet plays such a critical role in your overall health. Your diet should have moderate amounts of alcohol and if you’ve had a heavy festive period of celebrations, then your liver may well be crying out for a bit of a rest. Prolonged and heavy drinking leads to a number of serious conditions and has a lot of side effects that you may not be aware that you are experiencing.

Hydrate – Whether you are losing fluids through exercise or simply don’t drink enough throughout the day, rehydrating is very important. Not only can dehydration give you headaches but skin suffers too. Keeping well hydrated can seriously improve the condition of your skin. Dehydration can also make you more prone to a UTI so if you don’t want to be heading to the doctors for a UTI Prescription, make sure you are keeping yourself hydrated.

Take Vitamins – Either naturally through a well-balanced diet, or by taking vitamin supplements, vitamins play a key part in keeping your body at it’s best. Even getting a bit of sunlight for Vitamin D can really make a difference when it comes to your health and wellbeing.

Socialize and Have Fun – Not allthings that contribute to a healthy lifestyle are boring. Your mental wellbeing is largely impacted by your social interactions and enjoyment that you get from fun activities. Whether you watch a funny film, maybe go to a comedy night or simply spend time with people that are great fun, these can all help to keep your mental wellbeing going strong. Make time in your schedule for fun because it really does have a major impact on your health.

Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to healthier and happier year!

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