A Crest To The Abode Raises Eyebrows

Not many eyes would dare look straight up the sky challenging the beams from the sun. Nevertheless, a hood over a house and for that matter it is unavoidable especially if an intrigue is added to enhance it. From a lofty height and levels where the aircrafts and copters traverse, looking down on a town area the sight will resemble a garden of mushrooms or a mosaic carpet with green patches here and there to break the monotony.  Generally, in out skirt of a city or a planned housing scheme the covers of these structures will exhibit uniformity where everybody shares a common trend. However, there are those who love to be different and conspicuous by choosing another, design, pattern and colour at least. That daring or conceited thinking will work either way. The solo effort could be appreciated or bounce on the reverse saying ‘this person shows his inferiority of taste and meticulous arrangement of matters’ Not all will consider that as a daring act.

Any pattern however much pleasing to the eye, will on a long haul become boring to the admirers. Changes infuse variety in life. It therefore stimulates creative brains like, roof restorations Brisbane for instance, to give a different appearance even though not all could gape on them for long. Photographers from higher elevations depicting habitations in picturesque view would cherish the idea as they contribute to real estate magazines and supplements. It is to reflect the neighbourhood’s togetherness and geniality in housing and other buildings. The walls, windows, doors and dimensions will be different though mirroring individual lifestyles and businesses. On the other hand, landmark buildings will dot the landscape for identity but will attempt to be in touch with the top view commonnessin the architecture thereof.

Advantages seldom thought of

Revamping the crown of a building regardless of its height has many advantages. One is it is an opportunity to stowaway an old or obsolete style and absorb the trendy vogue. The cost is worth as the impression thereby imposed is invaluable. Many an old building having historical importance adopts this strategy while retaining the peripherals. The top cover gets a new inspiration by applying paints available today. They are made to withstand sun and rain or other impacts such as chemical pollutants, vibrations from the ground as well form above (aircrafts) and endure for a reasonable length of years. Painters are skilled and knowledgeable of the surfaces smooth or corrugated sheets, tiles or metals and so on.

It is not only the sheets or tiles that go into the revamp treatment usually. The same home improvement service includes the gutters, wooden/ concrete rafters and beams which are sand papered and washed to apply a fresh coat of paint. Scaffolds are a common sight to indicate that such work is going on. When should this facelift to the head (sounds paradoxical) of the building should be undertaken? When does a pretty lady go for a hair do? There are signs of warning. The first indication for the urgency to refurbishing is when a leak appears during rainy times. The ceiling sags and water seeps through the cracks and crevices. It the movement just under it or in the floor immediately below the surface, is scarcely seen, these drops of water may not be a serious disturbance. But imagine a master bedroom hosting visitors are treated so, particularly in a motel or tourist hotel, the business is doomed for closure.

Timely action for repairs and constant maintenance is imperative.

Painting, restructuring, modernising are all in the game of going for the glamour. To this intent high quality of craftsmanship has to be solicited by the experts and not experimenters for it to hold the glory of the crown untarnished perpetually. Appearance should appropriate to the rest of the building’s interior as well as the exterior.Do styles differ from country to country, region to region and village to village? Yes, of course. There are Scandinavian, Central European, British and Asian etc. Salient differences are due to history, culture, climate or all there in a mix and a good lot desist any refurbishing of buildings as they are nostalgic. Even if they do, it is a minimal. Only reason these societies will be reluctantly permit an alteration will be a forced situation like a disaster or impending danger. Nonetheless the top protection cannot be guaranteed by tradition, sentiments, personal attachments and the like. It has to be done!

Let the world around be tempted to look up to the higher planes as they are lured by the beautified crest above the habitations. Technology has invaded even in this realm, to offer different shades and textures further enhancing the tiles and sheets without compromising on the ability to protect the structures from son and rain whilst making each a salubrious haven.

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