Selling Gold In Australia

As a second generation, family owned and operated business. Brisbane Gold Buyers understands that your valuable metals are important and we are committed to providing customers Australia’s highest prices when you sell gold to us.

We are gold traders who intend to carry on the tradition of the Australian gold industry. With agents who are located globally to service our customers. We buy anything and everything that contains gold. Scrap gold, old gold, new gold, gold jewelry, gold bullion or gold bars.

Our gold buyers in Brisbane are even ready and prepared to refine your gold, with industry leading XRF laser / x-ray technology to ensure 100% accurate detection of your golds purity and worth.

We are also gold refiners, who can supply gold bullion for investment purposes, or lab test any gold for customers already in the industry. For retail customers, if you are sitting on a pile of old gold that has been unused for some time, and need some cash infusion to cover some expenses, or even looking for capital to start up your own bold business venture, there are many ways you can sell your gold with us and we hope that you contact us to hear more about what we have to offer.

Our clients and customers have always been happy in doing business, and when the competition rarely pays above 60% of the total gold value, while we offer 100%, don’t short change yourself or be cheated out of the true value of your gold bars, gold coins or scrap gold.

Our main customer office is located in Brisbane, but we can also assist you from our associated Melbourne office, to make it convenient to our customers to be able to access cash for gold to all customers Australia Wide.

With the latest updates for spot gold prices, we are able to give you all the help you require in receiving cash for gold. Brisbane gold buyers and refiners are always ready to be of service to you, and to customers who can not attend in person, we can arrange secure transportation and sale options direct from your current location, to help you receive the best prices for your gold based on spot gold prices.

Our sales representative will be able to give you the right kind of advice that you will need to make the right decision on whether now is a good time to buy or sell your gold. Alternatively, if you decide to refine your gold into its pure state and exchange old scrap gold for modern gold bars, or if you are a jeweller and require a low premium supplier of pure gold granules, allow our professionals to gauge whether using our services would be viable for your individual circumstances.

We know that precious metal purchases are required to be treated with respect and honesty, in today’s world that is what we thrive to achieve with our customers.

Pure trust that is as good as gold. Join our many happy customers and contact us via our website at today, to find out why we are the most popular gold buyers in Brisbane, and offer the highest payment rates in Australia.

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