Moving Help and Where To Find It

Moving Help and Where To Find It

Making a move is a big deal and for some people getting help is important. Not only must you manage all the details of hiring a real estate broker, securing a moving company, and acquiring records, but you will have to pack. And packing can be time consuming, stressful and impossible to do on your own.

Fortunately, you have numerous options to consider when looking for moving help. Some options may be familiar to you, while others may be among choices that hadn’t previously come to mind.

  1. Friends and family. The logical place to look for helpers is among your friends and family members. These are the people you know and they’re the ones that know you. You may feel entirely comfortable with asking them for help as well as for watching your children and/or your pets as you pack. Consider holding a packing party, spending the better part of a Saturday afternoon getting the work done.
  1. Reach out to moving help companies. If there is a need, there is a business ready to fulfill that need. When it comes to moving help you can be sure that there are many more consumers like you, including some without family or friends able to help. An Internet search will reveal the moving help companies in your area and what they provide. Likely, you’ll find that they have skilled workers who can help at various stages of the moving process, from early packing to loading. Just make sure to check references and verify that the employees are insured and bonded.
  1. Ask your moving company. Your moving company may have their own workers who can come to your house before your moving day to help you pack. This service goes over and beyond what you normally contract, but it can prove invaluable to you. This becomes especially important for people who don’t have the time or the ability to pack and could use the assistance explains Allied Moving Company.
  1. Reach out to your church or civic organization. Your church or civic organization may be able to provide volunteers to assist you with your packing. You’re already a member of one or more groups and your previous service assistance has been duly noted. Whether done formally as part of a service project or informally to help members as needed really doesn’t matter — assembling people in your home you already know to provide assistance can be meaningful and important.
  1. Contact your local youth employment service. In some locales, various “youth employment services” non-profit organizations are available. These agencies are staffed by teens who are willing to work part time or temporarily and may be able to meet your needs. Your local United Way, Red Cross or your community’s Youth Works department may have a ready supply of laborers to assist you. Why not rely on young backs and strong arms to help you during this time?
  1. Talk with your employer. If your move is business related, your employer can help you out with the moving process. Typically, employees to be transferred will have access to resources provided through the company’s Human Resources department. In some cases the resources mean supplying the moving company and related services. In other cases it represents a stipend with the employee responsible for arranging her own move, but with cash supplied to attend to those costs.

Moving On

Your move will involve numerous steps and the packing process is one of the more significant ones you’ll face. Explore your options and get the help you need early on. Then, turn your attention to the other aspects of your move and you’ll complete the process smoothly.

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