A Few Tips For A Perfectly Styled Bathroom

A Few Tips For A Perfectly Styled Bathroom

My parents and I recently moved into our new home in Uttarpara. We have been looking for flats in Uttarpara for sale for quite some time now and finally we got hold of the best one available! I am an interior designer by profession and it was upon me to decorate our new home in the best possible manner! I researched a lot about the newest trends and styles and finally I have selected the decors of our new home. However, in this blog, I am going to make you people aware of keeping your bathrooms tidy and stylish. We all talk about designing bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchen spaces. But we often forget that it is important to keep the bathrooms picture perfect as well!

It is a fact that for a photo shoot, the bathrooms can look absolutely prim and proper. However, in reality, our bathrooms are actually taken over by the towels, toothbrushes, and other toiletries! But there are some real easy hacks which each one of us can try in order to maintain the beauty of the bathrooms, thereby, keeping them photo ready for all seasons and for all reasons!

Let’s Take a Look at the Tricks:

  • Keep Unnecessary Items at Bay: It is actually very easy to say this than follow. But if you can get rid of the unwanted items from your bathroom, you can keep the space clean and clutter-free. Dump the items which you never intend to use. For example, you got a free sample face mask on your recent visit to the mall? And you are not really sure about how it will be on your skin? Then why keep it in the bathroom drawer? Dump it!
  • Refill and Reuse: Why buy too many bottles of hand washes when you can buy the refill soap dispenser? This way, you can keep just a single dispenser in your bathroom and also the place won’t look cluttered! You can even go for the refillable tissue boxes. All these will give a streamlined look to your bathroom.
  • Show Off: You must not have thought about it yet but you can actually show off your aesthetic side in your bathroom as well! You can keep a vintage jewellery box with cotton balls inside it. Also, keeping fresh blooms and tiny plants in ethnic pots are a great idea to keep the inside look fresh. You can also put some unexpected items like a framed picture of one of your favourite moments or a clock!
  • Portray your Style: Just like your bedroom and living room, your bathroom should also portray your choices and style! Hence, you need to consider your style before starting with the decoration of your bathroom. Choose the lighting as per your choice and also showcase the items which will depict your choices.
  • Clean it Regularly: No matter how beautifully you decorate your bathroom, it is important to maintain the cleanliness of the place. Hence, go for regular bathroom cleaning. Make use of the scented disinfectants and bathroom fresheners. Buy the floral scented fresheners as they will help in keeping your bathroom smell fresh all the time.

Simply follow these above-mentioned tips and see how beautifully you can revamp the look of your bathroom easily. Also, don’t forget to keep the floor of your bathroom clean. If you have a bigger space, you can also keep a stylish rug. Finally, the choices are yours!

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