How To Care For Your Carpet Properly

How To Care For Your Carpet Properly

When it comes to your carpet, clean is king! A clean carpet can help cut back on the amount of particulates and dust that get kicked up into the air. These particulates can exacerbate allergy symptoms and create a stuffy nose and chronic sneezing at the very least! Home carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be hard, all you need is the right information and you too can have the clean carpet of your dreams.

How to Care For Your Carpet Properly

Vacuum At Least Once a Week

Try to vacuum as often as you can! Neglecting your carpet means that dust and dirt may only track in deeper and become very difficult to get out of your carpet. Making sure you’re vacuuming once a week will suck up all the extra dust and dander and make sure that the majority of these particulates are safely in your vacuum canister, not the fibers of your home.

Embrace Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning really gets into your carpet and cleans it up on a deeper level. If you don’t have a steam vacuum cleaner, you can either rent, borrow, or buy one, or consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning crew for the job. It really makes a difference in your carpet’s cleanliness as well as its lifespan.

Blot Stains and Spills

With stains and spills, you want to dab or blot them. Rubbing will only push the stain further in. Get a small paper towel, clean sponge, or cloth towel and soak in a bit of cold water. Gently blot the stain. You can then either treat it with a foaming carpet cleaner that is either all-purpose or stain-specific or use a great home remedy designed to pull out the stain or spill. Try making your own stain cleaner using hydrogen peroxide and blue Dawn dish soap and blot in using a paper towel and gloves, or take to the Internet for tons of stain-specific home remedies.

Get a Cleaning Solution That Works

The quality of your cleaning solution is going to determine how well your carpet cleans, not the quantity. Too much product could result in build up or extra residue in your carpet that you don’t need, causing staining and fiber deterioration that can shorten the life of your carpet. If you don’t like a cleaning product, try another instead of overcompensating with a ton of solution.

Know Carpet Tricks

– To remove chewing gum, ice it with a couple of cubes that will solidify the gum so that it lifts off easily with a spoon.

– Toss a little baking soda in your vacuum bag to freshen it up.

– Throw salt on a wine stain to set it until you can get some club soda or white wine on it.

– Act immediately on stains and you have the best chance of getting them out.

– Spraying a little white vinegar and adding baking soda to a stain, then patting and vacuuming it up will treat most carpet stains.

– Dabbing a spill with a cloth that has cold water or club soda soaked into it works until you can treat it more effectively.

– Patting a juice stain with a sponge then adding shaving cream will remove any juice stain.

– Beer will remove a coffee or tea stain, while rubbing alcohol will remove the glue.

Clean carpet care doesn’t have to be hard! It helps to know a few tips and tricks– and have a vacuum with a steam function. A clean carpet lasts longer and just feels better. Try these tips and enjoy your clean and fresh carpet!

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