A Guide To Crystal Chandelier Glass

A Guide To Crystal Chandelier Glass

A chandelier can add an elegant touch to any room. Before purchasing a chandelier there are some things to know to make the right decision especially when purchasing a glass or crystal chandelier.


Crystal glass and the development of chandeliers go hand in hand. Chandeliers were once used as candle holders. Having them hung from the ceiling would provide light to the room and reduce the risk of a fire.

Casting Crystal Glass

During the late 17th century people learned how to develop casting glass prisms. The glass was easy to make and inexpensive to produce. These new chandeliers were hand cut and polished. They can be made into many different shapes and were able to reflect the light from the candles.

Modern Crystal Glass

Modern chandeliers and ceiling fixtures use crystal glass in the same way as the olden times. These chandeliers can be a visual focus in the room which will provide a romantic setting. Other forms of lighting simply cannot provide the same effect.

Schonbek chandeliers, James R. Moder chandeliers, and Vienna Full Spectrum chandeliers are some of the top producers today. They are able to create new designs using the crystals. Crystals are now being used to make table and flood lamps in the body, the frame, and other fixtures of the lamp. Crystals give the lamps a one of a kind look and they can last for many years.

Not all crystals are the same. There are many different types of crystal glass that come in different cuts, styles, and price ranges.

1. Swarovski Element Crystal Glass

This is some of the finest crystal in the world that is made by the Sawronvki AG in the Austrian Alps. These crystals come in many different colors, sizes, and shapes. It is great to work with for lighting designers as well as those that have an interest in jewelry making.

These crystals are machine cut and polished to optimize clarity and purity. An optical coating is then applied to the glass so it is easier to clean. The company logo is also etched into the glass with a laser for authenticity.

2. Spectra Crystal

This is a form of Swarovski crystal class and is less expensive. There are limited sizes and shapes with these crystals.

3. Egyptian/ Moroccan Crystals

These crystals are machine cut and flawless. They are brilliant, pure, and precise.

4. Turkish Crystals

These crystals have been used for centuries. To get the crystal perfect there is a labor intensive process and they are cut by hand and by a grinding wheel. There may be a trace of wooden wheel in the finished product which is a make of authenticity.

5. Italian Crystal

These crystals come from a region near Venice that has been known for glass making. They are molded and fire polished instead of being cut by a machine. They are beautiful and moderately priced.

6. K9 and Chinese Crystals

They are modestly priced and mass produced. They are cut and polished to look like expensive crystals.

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