The Many Advantages Of Boltless Shelving

The Many Advantages Of Boltless Shelving

In any business utilizing warehouses for storage, it’s important to have shelving that is easy to assemble and makes good use of the available square footage. In addition, the shelving should be designed so that it can be transformed into numerous combinations to accommodate extra storage when needed. For many businesses, the best type of shelving to meet these and many other needs has been boltless shelving.

Easy Installation

What makes boltless shelving so popular with businesses is its easy installation. In today’s business world, time is money when it comes to getting the most out of employees each day. As a result, employees need to be able to spend their time on the job tending to the needs of customers rather than struggling to put together complicated shelving units. Boltless shelving, with its lack of nuts, bolts, and clips, requires only a rubber mallet for assembly.

The Many Advantages Of Boltless Shelving

Installation Costs

Another advantage of boltless shelving is the lower installation costs. Due to it requiring far less time to assemble, installation costs are often as much as 40 percent less than standard shelving. In addition, it can be easily transported from one building to another if needed, enabling it to be used for a variety of applications.

The Many Advantages Of Boltless Shelving

Four-Sided Access

Another advantage of boltless shelving is the four-sided access it provides. By doing so, it can be used for numerous warehouse storage options and make storing and locating products or supplies much easier. Having no sway or cross bracing allows these shelves to be incorporated into buildings where space may be limited, ensuring both products and supplies can be stored in a convenient manner.

The Many Advantages Of Boltless Shelving

Versatility and Durability

Most boltless shelving is freestanding, allowing it to be configured in a variety of ways within the warehouse. Known for being extremely versatile, it can be fitted with heavy-duty posts that let it be used in catwalk systems. Viewed as shelving that can grow along with a business, much of it can be custom-designed if needed to be used in complex layouts. Able to handle all capacity requirements due to its four-beam design, boltless shelving has proven to be very durable in a variety of industrial environments.

The Many Advantages Of Boltless Shelving

Record and File Storage

One of the most time-consuming and potentially frustrating tasks of any business is finding space to store important files and records. Not only do they need to be organized, but they also need to take up as little space as possible. By using boltless shelving for this, many businesses have found they can maximize their existing space as well as stay much better organized. With total access from all sides as well as the ability to expand the shelving to double the storage space, boltless shelving has proven to be a good choice for this task.

By taking advantage of the many benefits boltless shelving provides, businesses can not only save money and time, but also make good use of their workspace and ensure everything from product selection to records storage can be done efficiently.

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