A Perfect Fruit Diet Plan

Stress and strain have over taken our lives. We operate on the clock and every minute we have to perform. Thus it is very important for us to stay healthy and fit. Think about it, don’t we often grab a sandwich to work? Don’t we take to caffeine to stay awake in the early hours of the morning? Well, that it not what our body wants us to do. We need to eat right to stay healthy and fit and our everyday schedule rarely gives us the opportunity to follow a proper diet.

Our body needs to go through a cleansing process once in a while. A fruit basket is the perfect way to meet your detoxification needs. All you need to do is chart out a proper diet plan and fill up your basket with the fruits that will help you get your body back in order.

So, here’s quite an easy diet plan for all to follow, from time to time-

Note: Before you embark on this diet, you must fix your ultimate goals for doing it. It is best if you follow this diet plan for five days, but you must not overstrain yourself. It is very important that you do not falter in this diet plan, since that might mean that you would have to start from scratch all over again!

  • Breakfast time: Breakfasts are supposed to be heavy meals that keep one going for the day, so it is best to have bananas. You can try this for the first two days of your diet plan and then stick to it for the remaining three days or you may try out grapes or mangoes, alternating them for the remaining days.
  • The mid-morning snack: It is important not to keep your stomach empty for long and hence the need for a snack at around 11 AM. Go for an apple on the first day, then on the second day for grapes. Keep the third day reserved for oranges, followed by guavas on the remaining two days.
  • Lunchtime: One the first day, stick to an apple (half) for lunch followed by an orange for the next two days. Go for a mango and a banana on the fourth and the fifth days respectively.
  • The evening snack: Go for an orange on the first day, for a guava on the next two days and then a banana on the fourth day followed by an orange on the final day.
  • Dinner time: Kick off your diet plan with a watermelon for the first day, papaya and carrots on the next two days followed by pineapple on the fourth day and end it with a papaya on the fifth day!

It is very important to stick to the time. Breakfast must be at 8, followed by the snack at 11 AM. 2’o’clock is the time for lunch, while at 5, we have another snack time. Dinner is strictly at 8.

Now that you know what the diet plan is going to be, you know what fruit baskets uk to get delivered. The benefits of this plan are that not only will it invigorate your entire body system, but it will also brighten up your skin and help you lose a few pounds.

So, try out this new diet plan and see how it benefits you!

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