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How To Spot The Most Romantic Restaurant For Your First Dinner Date?

If you are planning a first dinner date with someone very special then you are obviously under tremendous pressure to create that lasting impression. Besides, since it will be your first dinner date you would want it to be extremely special. The first and foremost step to plan a dinner date is spotting the perfect restaurant that will excel your expectations in terms of services, decorations and ambiance. Well, coming across such a restaurant that will cater to all the requirements to make the moments special will be tough but not impossible. Here are some suggestions that can help you to make your dinner date highly romantic and special:

Getting started

Finding a nice restaurant by going through the telephone directory will be a tedious task. What you can do is to do research over the internet and locate names of restaurants that have received good customer reviews, go through each customer review very well and then decide, also compare the prices. Some restaurants have their food menu online, go through it and see if the food is to your liking and preference. Once you have made your selection, it is time you go to that restaurant to have a look at it. Try to choose a restaurant that is not too far from your locality. Here are some points that will help you decide if the particular restaurant is good enough for your first dinner date or not:

Friendly services

Speak to the staff and notice their behaviour towards you; that will be a key in helping you decide whether it’s worth it or not. If you see that the restaurant is packed with people and there are a lot of people waiting to get in, then it is a sign that the restaurant is not meant for a private and cozy date. If you find a restaurant that is up to your expectation but the rate is on the higher end, do not worry as you can use the Nearbuy coupons to get good amount of discounts on the bill.


This is very important; you do not want to go to a restaurant that is not clean as it will not create a good impression on your first date. Besides, you cannot trust a restaurant like that to serve you good food if their upkeep is lousy. Go to the restrooms and notice the hygiene in there too. The interior decoration should also be nice and warm, it does not always have to be over the top but tasteful decoration certainly creates a positive impression. Since, you want the date to be romantic the restaurant should have corner tables that will give you a certain degree of privacy.

Go through the menu

A dinner date is never complete without fine food and wine. Make sure the restaurant serves food of all kinds and from all cuisines that you and your date prefer. In this way your choices will not be limited and you will not be disappointed in any way. You must also see that the wine selection is good.

You could also read the reviews written by various food critics and users to find out the best and most romantic restaurant. Do not worry about going to an up-market restaurant and overspending as you can avail Nearbuy deals to get a substantial discount on your bill. Remember, it all to impress your girlfriend and don’t leave any stone unturned to do that!

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