A Quick Look at Yacht Surveys

Yacht surveys are extremely detailed examinations of a vessel which will essentially determine its condition and seaworthiness.

We’re going to take a look at what exactly what a yacht survey consists of and in what situations one is needed.

What is a yacht survey?

A surveyor will essentially examine your yacht from top to bottom, to identify any possible faults that the yacht might have and make sure that it complies with various standards.

They are incredibly thorough examinations and will include all of the structure, machinery and equipment such as the navigation systems and radio.

Marine surveyors are very highly qualified professionals who have an extensive background in sailing and are selected after a thorough evaluation procedure so you know that you’re getting a quality service, and marine surveyors are held in fairly high regard!

They’ll also usually be familiar with the majority of vessels and models.

Insurance firms largely rely on yacht surveyors as they themselves lack the expertise and skills to perform a detailed enough assessment of a vessel, and while they often use the services of yacht surveyors, it’s important to know that surveyors are usually independent so that they can offer you a fully unbiased opinion.

Once the survey has been carried out, the surveyor will report back to you on if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

You can also ask to be present when the survey is carried out so that you can be physically shown what the surveyor is talking about.

Why should you get one?

The primary reason that we would recommend that you have a yacht survey done is one of safety.

We spoke to South East Yacht Surveys specialist yacht and marine surveyors in Essex, who said: “As yacht owners will know, open water can be extremely dangerous and you always need to be extra careful in every regard.

“Even the smallest deficiency on your yacht could lead to disastrous consequences, especially if you’re not experienced.”

The bottom line is that once you have a yacht survey undertaken you’ll have a peace of mind that your vessel is in the best possible condition.

It’s especially crucial that you have a survey undertaken when you first purchase your yacht, and the RYA strongly recommend that you do so to make sure that you’re not taking one on that already has existing problems and give you a bit of an idea what you’re letting yourself in for!

For example, many yachts have recurring problems, and while these might not always be a deal-breaker, it’s important to know about them before committing to a purchase.

While surveys are important to secure your own safety, they’re also important from a financial point of view.

For example, you’ll likely be unable to secure insurance or financing for your yacht if you can’t produce an acceptable survey.

If you do require a yacht survey, we recommend heading to the YBDSA (Yacht Brokers, Designers and Surveyors Association) where you can search to find one local to you.

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