All You Need To Know About Peripheral Artery Disease

One of the most trickiest things in life is to keep oneself healthy. And while you can earn galore, be famous and can literally rule in your field, till date there is no such advancement in the health scene which makes sure that you will be immune from every diseases out there. Though there are vaccinations for some but it hardly even covers 1 percent of the innumerous diseases out there. Therefore the best and only way to stay away from these diseases is by knowing all about it.

P.A.D or Peripheral Artery Disease is one such health condition which you can’t just hide from. Therefore your best approach to get rid of this disease is to know all about it. Even the most basic of knowledge can help you a long way when there is a need for it. In this disease typically plaque are formed in the arteries. These arteries are ones which carries blood to your limbs, head and organs as well. Therefore, you can very well understand the grave importance of this arteries functioning properly to keep you fit and moving as well. Plaque is something which is simply made of cholesterol, fat, fibrous tissue,calcium, and also lots of various substances which are in your blood. While you can always visit the best of vein treatment center, to get yourself diagnosed for this but it always helps when you know a bit more.

A health condition atherosclerosis is when plaque is formed in the arteries of one’s body. The biggest problem with the formation or building up of plaques in one’s body is that with time it makes the condition of your arteries much worse. What it does is, it adversely hardens your arteries, also making them more narrower in the process than before. And this in turn cuts off almost a major amount of oxygen rich blood flow to the various organs and parts of your body.

While Peripheral Artery Disease is generally known to affect the arteries in one’s legs but it is not limited to just that. The disease also hugely affects the arteries which happens to carry the blood from your heart to your arms, your head, your stomach and your kidneys as well.

Now if you are wondering that what is caused by a blocked blood flow. Well, actually a lot. When the blood flow to any of your limbs like your leg is blocked, then it can very well cause severe numbness and pain in that body part. Also it gives way to an adverse risk of getting any of your affected limbs getting infected. And this causes havoc on your whole body as it has to fight hard to try keeping the infection at bay. There are even cases where the condition can become so severe that it can cause tissue death which is also known as gangrene. This can lead to amputation of one’s leg!

Therefore, it is important that you visit your nearest vein treatment center to get a check up for the same.

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