Home Grown Fruit For Summer

With summer only a matter of months away we can almost feel the warmer days and smell the freshly cut grass. Summer is the perfect time for healthier eating, active lifestyles and social get-togethers. It’s time to get outside and make the most of the glorious sunshine and sound of birds singing, and a great way to do this is in the garden. There’s so much you can do to make the most out of your garden and one is growing your own produce. Fruit is the most commonly used food throughout summer, used for cocktails, salads, meals and puddings, fruit is not only very good for your skin and body but also ridiculously tasty and easy to grow! There are however some fruits which are better than others when it comes to being home grown, here’s the best of the best and how you can get the most out of growing them…

Citrus Fruit/Lemons

Lemons are ridiculously popular and used in almost every summery recipe you can think of. Whether it’s a key element or simply drizzled over the top, Lemons are perfect when it comes to preparing meals. They’re also really easy to grow, as long as you keep them in the garden throughout summer, then bring them in for the colder months, your lemons will grow perfectly. You could even make your own homemade lemonade to impress the rest of the household.


One of the sweetest, tastiest fruits to ever grow, Strawberries incredibly easy. You can grow strawberries almost anywhere, however it is recommended that if you want to grow as many as you can, placing them inside fruit cages is ideal. The fruit cage will protect your strawberries from any greedy wildlife that tries to have a midnight snack.


When growing blackberries, you have the choice of how you wish to plant them. They will willingly grow on along wires on fences, walls and even arches. Dependant on the layout of your garden, try and position them somewhere they will receive lots of natural sunlight throughout the day, as this will help aid the growth and quality of the fruits.


A perfect treat for summertime, Olives are the best for a little snack every now and then. Whether you’re having a dinner party or just a catch up with a friend, you can’t go wrong placing a bowl of olives and some bread on the table, and when they’re home grown they taste even better!


Growing your own sweet cherries is a brilliant way to add a little excitement to your fruit bowl. With them on your doorstep you can even experiment making jams, smoothies and even cakes. Cherries are a great substitute for sugary sweets as they taste just as sweet but don’t have all of the badness.

You’ll notice from growing your own fruit that you manage to save yourself some money as well as kick start a healthier lifestyle. There are so many benefits to growing in the garden and it’s also really fun and satisfying too.

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