Anderson International – The Name Is Synonymous With The Highest Quality Metal Works

Metal surrounds our daily lives. In today’s world, metal works have been in such a demand that we could not imagine a single day without metal works. A vast majority of the productions uses metal working equipment to process them. These equipment required for processing metal works have been playing an important role for the industries around the world.

When it comes to running or planning to work on producing flexible PVC, Polymer/Synthetic rubber, you would surely need the most reputed company that supplies high end de-watering or drying equipment. One of the most reputed companies that produce these types of high quality equipment is Anderson International. Anderson International is in the equipment manufacturing and processing industry since 1888 and they have manufactured high quality equipment for industries in more than 90 countries all over the world. You can say that Anderson International is the leader in continuous mechanical extraction of Green Oils through the latest techniques and machinery. The company is also known for manufacturing the most energy efficient and productive expander machinery for the low and high oil content seeds for solvent extraction.

The task of solvent extraction has simplified since more and more technology is developed. When it comes to technology, large companies like Anderson International have a definite advantage since they have the most advanced technology and machinery. In fact, there are lots of technological innovations that are not feasible except for big companies like Anderson International.

Anderson International is equipped with the most versatile de-watering and drying machinery that are efficient in the world. These de-watering and drying machinery are well used in the drying process of rubber and polymers. The company is also known for providing cutting edge equipment and engineering services to a large range of rubber extraction businesses around the world.

Anderson de-watering press and expander dryer system together can maximize the control by guaranteeing the highest quality products and at the same time minimize space requirements, reducing capital investment costs. The use of de-watering system and expander dryer machines also maximizes the versatility in capacity and polymers dried. By using the high quality mechanical screw press and expander technology of Anderson International, you can de-water and dry a number of materials including flexible PVC, Natural Rubber, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and others.

All Anderson equipment is produced and geared in such a way so that it can deliver the ultimate in efficiency, performance, and value. The equipment designed by Anderson is meant to precise tolerances and exact specifications as a tendency of the company’s goal to manufacture the highest quality product and to offer the top performance from each system they produce.

Original replacement parts are in high demand since they are the ideal way to restore the performance level to designed capacity. As time processes, the original machine parts can become worn out because of repeated use and continuous operation. As a result, your equipment may lose some of its original capacity. The best way to restore its capacity is to replace the worn out parts with genuine replacement parts designed by Anderson International.

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