Time To Replace Your Bathroom?

Modernise your Home with a New Look

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is a key room to consider improving if you’re thinking of giving your home a new look. Techniques have moved on immensely to the point where a stylish bathroom suitable for your tastes and requirements is easily achievable so long as you choose the right experts to fit it.

Why Replace your Bathroom?

You may wonder if you need to replace your bathroom, but even a quick look at a selection of modern types illustrates how far things have advanced especially in the areas of shower technology and style. For example, the days of the flimsy shower curtain have gone now with the advancement of stylish cubicle designs and wet rooms.

There’s also the possibility that your present bathroom could be concealing a few problems – maybe there’s a leak that could be storing problems for later? Perhaps those dated tiles are becoming difficult to maintain and some re-grouting may be required? Certainly if repairs or renovations are needed, you may find it makes more sense to replace.

Advantages to replacing your bathroom:

Save Energy and Water

An efficient shower and a carefully designed bath that requires less water to fill it can save you money in water and energy bills. Efficient lighting not only saves money but looks good and helps make the bathroom a relaxing haven.

Increase property Sales appeal

An up to date bathroom makes a big difference to your home’s ‘marketability’ so should help it sell if and when the time comes. The kitchen and the bathroom are two big considerations for potential buyers.

It may be debatable as to whether a new bathroom significantly increases your property’s value, but the effect on its appeal to the viewer is undeniable.

Space Utilisation

The design of bathroom suites often means better space utilisation such as the way sinks can integrate with, say, a cabinet with drawers to create a functional and stylish concealed storage space.

Added Comfort

You could upgrade the heating in your bathroom; underfloor is a popular and very comfortable option and heated towel racks add a touch of extra comfort.

Expression of style

The multitude of different bathroom suites in terms of style and colour and other accessories and fittings such as the taps can make for a very individual design. It’s so easy to personalise the space compared to the more regimented designs of previous years.

Spa style

Why not make your bathroom a genuinely pleasant place to relax with some spa style features? Built in music systems, rainfall-style shower heads and the use of natural materials such as stone can help turn your bathroom into a relaxing refuge.

Easier to maintain

Generally speaking, most modern bathrooms have far fewer nooks and crannies compared to older designs. Straight lines, more open spaces and concealed pipework mean your new bathroom should be far easier and quicker to keep clean than your old one.

There are even health benefits – both physical and psychological – to having a new bathroom:

Health benefits

Older bathrooms can harbour more germs and pathogens simply due to age and deterioration.

There’s also the psychological aspect – a new bathroom that looks good and feels good to spend time in can lift spirits; especially if you treat yourself to some of those ‘spa like’ features discussed above.

Terry Lewis is the founder of ABS Plumbing and Drainage. His company offers plumbing, heating and drainage services to all over London and Essex. If you need a plumber, call Terry and his team.

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