Are You Buying The Right Garbage Bag

Are You Buying The Right Garbage Bag

The Cleanliness and hygiene of our house and the working environment is an imperative thing. As the state of our environment affects our health and state of living and working. The garbage bags are an important investment in this area as every house and business produces trash which ends up on roadside, in the ditches or destroyed. If all this is neglected, disease would spread and people could get hurt so, a proper waste management system is really necessary for your own health.

So, you want to buy garbage bags. Simple, right! Actually no. If will go and stand in an aisle you will get bombarded with numerous trash bags of different colors to choose from. It also depends upon your needs and the amount you are ready to spend. So, there are several types to choose from and tips to ease this process which are described here:

Types of Garbage Bags

There are different varieties of garbage bags available in the market such as –

Handle Bags – These bags contains handles for ease of handles. You make use of these handles to pull them together and tie them to dispose your trash.

Drawstring Bags – These have the drawstrings attaches to them in the top lining.

Durable Bags – These bags are made up of material that boasts of long lasting while keeping the odor in.

Scented Bags – These are helpful in keeping the odor in but it doesn’t mask off all the odor altogether.

Environment-friendly Bags – These are made up of recyclable products and are expensive one. But are the best option if you want to go green.

Size of the Garbage Bag

The size of your bag should match closely to the bin or be a bit big. You can even check out the sizes in terms of how much they hold or their physical length and breadth. The ideal size of the garbage bag should be able to cover the whole bin of yours to ease the disposal of trash.

Durability of the Bag

The another important thing while buying the garbage bags is the durability. The scented, drawstring or handle bags would be of no use if they can’t hold your garbage or end up spilling the garbage all over the floor. You have to make decision if you need low density or high density bags so that the bag could hold off the weight and are resistant to tears.

Color and Odor

Black and white garbage bags are most commonly used bags while there are number of others available in the market also such as blue, green, orange etc. Black ones are also the least expensive ones as they are made up of recycled materials and are discreet as well. You can alo opt for bags that have odor masking feature although they won’t be of much help to strong smells of fungus infested or spoiled food.

Cost of the Bag

Price of a trash bag doesn’t hold much of importance when you are buying single pieces as you can even pay a bit more to get the durable, scented and thick trash bag. But if you are deciding to go for a huge bulk of  bags you have to look out for pricing per bag to get better deals as buying in bulk saves money also.

So, this time when you go for buying garbage bags, you just need to keep up with these tips so that you won’t waste your money on the bag you don’t want or suit you.

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