Testosterone and The Secrets Behind Its Stimulation

As a general science fact, testes secrete the male hormone testosterone. Testes are a pair of organs that produce sperm which is the major and main cause for fertility and reproduction. The testes are called as gonads medically, wherein for the female the part is played by ovaries. The testes secrete testosterone which is essential for male and manhood. Once after crossing the age of puberty, testosterone plays the role of maintaining libido, bone density and muscle strength. And if there occurs any disorders due to any medical situations, testes lose the capability of testosterone production.

In addition to the role of male reproductive system, the testes have the ability of acting as an endocrine gland. It secretes essential hormones for physical development to define the male character.

Testes: An Anatomy Overview

Testes are two oval shaped small organs seem to look like big grape. It is located within the scrotum which looks like a loose pouch made up of skin hanging externally behind the penis. This place is not actually safe and ought to get injured vulnerably, where there finds no bones and muscles to shield them off. Testes require cool temperature to produce healthy sperms.

Testosterone: The Fertile Hormones Produce by Testes

It is utterly required for proper development of male characteristics. It is considered as primary androgen that provides the substance to stimulate the male hormone testosterone and to maintain the development of masculine characters. At the time of puberty, testosterone gets involved into many processes that actually transforms a male baby into a boy and then into a man. It includes:

  • Healthy and normal development of male sex organs
  • Growth of facial moustache and body hair
  • Leveled and lowering voice
  • Development in height and weight
  • Increased muscle mass
  • And finally the growth of Adam’s apple

The need for the male hormone testosterone would not get limited at the age of puberty, wherein throughout his adulthood it has integral role in terms of various functional activities such as:

  • Production of healthy sperms
  • Maintaining a standard range for libido level
  • Maintaining a good amount of body mass and muscle strength
  • Healthy and enhanced bone density

Production of Hormones

Hypothalamus and the pituitary gland play major part in testosterone production and the secretion. Hypothalamus sends the signal to pituitary gland to secrete gonodatrophic substances that are of: follicle stimulating hormones and luteinizing hormones. Luteinizing hormones (LH) stimulate the male hormone testosterone for balanced production, when there is excess amount of testosterone secretion, hypothalamus alerts pituitary gland to control the production level which in turn it alarms testes to slow down the testosterone levels.

Hypogonadism: Disorder in the Production of Testosterone

Hypogonadism is a disorder when the testes lose to produce and secrete normal level of testosterones. Lowered in the testosterone production would cause:

  • No mood in the sex drive
  • Weakened muscle mass
  • Low sperm count (hence reduced fertility strength)
  • Heavy loss of body hair

Bottom line

Testes play a vital role in the life of male characters for fertile reproductive system as well as endocrine system.

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