Bathroom Improvement In 5 Easy Steps

Bathroom Improvement In 5 Easy Steps

You are planning a big or a small improvement of the bathroom this summer – check out the following five ideas, which can add another few important highlights to your list with ideas:
– Improve the colors. The cleaner the look, the less exercises during the house cleaning and the house maintenance. However, keeping the bathroom clean and in perfect condition is often a truly challenging exercise, especially when it comes to a large or to a mixed bathroom. That’s why only some changes in the colors of a few details should be enough to provide a real sense of renovation. A great way to do it is to use the effect of the game of colors, which might be a game of contrasts or a game of hues. The first opt may include a change of the color of the toilette brush, which gently hides behind the toilette itself. However, if you get a new toilette brush with red, green or yellow color, it will definitely make a spectacular contrast to the surrounding white bathroom appliances. In this way, the white objects will definitely become easily remarkable and thus you can easily spot on the perfect moment for bathroom cleaning or sanitizing. If you change the colors with pastel hues that flow through surfaces and textures – you can get a unique sense of a monotonous and almost invisible improvement. Another great tip is to use a finely balances asymmetry for the colors on the walls or large floor motifs in soothing neutrals.

– Improve the energy efficiency. The methods that will make your house “green” will also keep your house clean for a longer time. The bathroom is not an exception and take a look at the following examples.

1) Objects from heat resistant materials like natural stone, granite and marble.
2) Objects from non-porous and insulated materials.
3) Objects from reflecting materials that reflect heat and light.

Bathroom Improvement In 5 Easy Steps

– Make your bathroom green in a more natural way. Yes – this tip features all the plants, flowers and decorative trees that prefer the high-humidity in the wet rooms. Choose the right combination of pots and flowers, and you can achieve a truly unique deodorizing effect for your bathroom without the need for deep cleaning and without calling the professional cleaners for sanitizing or deodorizing with special detergents. According to the specific size and orientation of the bathroom walls – you can take a pick from a modular gardening for saving more from the horizontal area, as well as gardening in a frame if want to keep the “nature” on the ceiling, or use decorative transparent pots and place them right next to the windows.

– Change the lights. Use dimmable lights hanging from the walls or from the ceiling, but in all cases make sure that they are waterproof and with the perfect softness of the light if you prefer the major lightning from one or from only a couple of spots. Or else, get numerous smaller lights to attach to the mirror, to the window, etc.

– Get new decorative pieces in large bathrooms. Even the smallest touches can add a completely new and renovated look to the bathroom. A great tip for bigger bathrooms is to place a small table edged with decorative bands and contrasting colors, tall vases of porcelain with exotic ornaments, dry flowers in it or even hang paintings on the walls. Just keep in mind that the more the objects – the more difficult the cleaning of your bathroom.

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