Buy The Best In The New Year

Christmas can be an extremely busy time of year for many and if you’ve been thinking of treating yourself to some new furniture but hadn’t found the time, the New Year can be an excellent time of year to do so. We asked Priest Brothers for their top tips on buying!.

Of course traditionally the sales began on boxing day but now it’s common to be able to grab a bargain in the run up to Christmas with the sale extending into the New Year as well, and for those wanting some new pieces of furniture there can be some great deals out there.

If you’ve wanted to replace your dining table then this could be the right time of year to do so. A walnut table would create a brand new look for your dining room together with a set of new dining chairs. These would look stunning against a pale coloured plain wall and would be a good excuse to decorate before they arrived.

If walnut is not to your taste then go for something in a lighter shade such as oak instead. An oak dining table will last for many years and will improve in appearance as time goes by. Pick items that are manufactured by craftsmen to a high standard, perhaps by a family run company that will take great pride in their manufacturing methods.

Of course even if you buy in the sales then real wood furniture is still going to cost more than the imitation variety. However, in terms of quality and materials it really can’t be beaten. Real wood has a unique appearance and a random grain which varies depending on the type of wood used. It is far more interesting to look at than the repetitive print of an imitation version and will continue to look good for many years to come.

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