Benefits Of Using Structural Steel Over A Wood Frame For Your New Home

Benefits Of Using Structural Steel Over A Wood Frame For Your New Home

Thanks to the evolution of construction over the years, building structures last far longer than they did in the past. Before, people used wood for the base structure of a home.

However, over time, wood can become problematic, especially if it is not properly maintained. To avoid the majority of these issues, it’s becoming more and more common to use a steel frame, even in residential construction. Below are the top benefits of using structural steel over a wood frame for your new home.

Steel Is Much More Durable

This benefit is pretty obvious. Wood is strong, but it is nowhere near as durable as steel. Because of this increase in durability, you won’t have to worry about things like degradation, wood rot, or even termite infestation.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for wood frames to become infested with pests. Over time, pests can wear down the integrity of the structure, which decreases the stability. However, steel offers much less food and shelter to invading pests, so they’re more likely to leave your home alone.

Steel Takes Less Time to Build

The phrase “time is money” applies to the construction industry just as much as any other. Clients building a new home expect the job to be done in due time while staying within their budget.

Unlike wood structures, structural steel comes with pre-existing components of the client’s design. Structural steel can be shaped to meet almost any need. The most common form of structural steel is a beam that can be either internal or external. This not only makes construction easier, but it also reduces the risk of needing additional wood structures, which can inflate the overall price of the home. To make construction even quicker, many components can be shipped pre-fabricated.

Steel Requires Less Maintenance

Building a home is expensive, and so is maintaining it in the years to come. While steel is a more expensive building material in the short-term, it requires far less maintenance than wood in the long-term, so you can save on maintenance costs. Depending on where you live, you may also save on your home insurance.

Steel Can Be Formed Into Anything You Want

Because it comes in many sizes and shapes, steel is one of the most versatile materials used in construction. This allows construction workers to complete the job without having to cut corners or compromise your needs. 

Wood isn’t a bad building or framing material, but structural steel also offers many benefits to those building a new home. It can be used in a variety of different ways, requires less maintenance after the construction, and can often be constructed more quickly. In the end, it is you to decide which is better for your new home. Take the time to weigh the both options prior to getting started and as with any type of new home construction, always enlist the help of a qualified builder.

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