Tips For Maintaining Your Home’s Sewer System

Tips For Maintaining Your Home’s Sewer System

As a homeowner, you may be interested in learning more about how you can maintain the sewer system in your residence. Well, the sewer system can only overflow because of roots and grease.

Grease accounts for most of the sewer problems. If the cooking oil is poured into the drain, it may cool down, build up, and harden. In the process, there will be a plug in the district sewer line and at home. With time, the situation will create overflows and backups. Such a situation is unfortunate, but it can be avoided by adhering to the following tips:

  • Do not pour grease down the toilets or sink drains.
  • Scrape the food scraps and grease from the plates, pans, pots, grills, and utensils into the trash bin for disposal purposes.
  • Ensure there is a strainer in the sink drains. The strainer should catch the solids, which will then be emptied into the trash bin.

The plant roots also cause the sewer overflows. The tree roots are always on the lookout for a water source. The roots may probe into the sewer line as they look for an opening. In the process, they will penetrate some of the poorly sealed joints in the sewer line. After penetrating the sewer line, the roots can form a ball, and they will block the line leading to an overflow. The best way to avoid such an issue is by ensuring there are no trees close to the sewer line. If trees are growing close to the sewer line, they should be put down. If there is a reduction in flow, contact a plumber, and they will look into the matter.

Some of the tips that can help to maintain your home’s sewer system include:

Mind Your Cleanouts

The cleanouts are normally directed to the sewer system. The cleanouts can produce an unpleasant odor. To solve this issue:

  • Ensure the traps are filled with water. The water usually evaporates while in the floor drains.
  • Pour some bleach into the drain.

Clogged Drains Should Be Cleaned Carefully

The process of cleaning the clogged drains is not as easy. The waste removal lines should be separated since they normally feed into the main line as they carry the wastewater away from your home into the sewer system. As a homeowner, it is also advisable to ensure that some test plugs have been incorporated into the sewer system.

The following tips come in handy as you clean the clogged drains:

  • Do not use a chemical drain cleaner in case there is a “total blockage.” In such an instance, you are supposed to use a sewer jetter; it will blast the blockage and restore the pipes to the normal conditions.
  • Clean the clogged drains using liquid drain cleaners. If you use crystal drain cleaners, they will solidify in the pipes.

Home sewers are a delicate system. They require maintenance and care to continue working properly and avoid issues. Remember the above tips for keeping them clean and protected.

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