Bi-fold Patio Door Cleaning Tips

Bi-fold Patio Door Cleaning Tips

Are your bi-fold patio doors dirty? Want some tips on how to clean them? When it comes to bifold patio doors, it’s essential to keep them clean at all times to ensure they stay in prime condition in both structure and appearance. By keeping them clean not only will you feel satisfied but you will maintain the aesthetics of your home. For those who want to clean their bi-fold doors, the following are a few cleaning tips you can use to make your doors like new again.

Cleaning Tips 101: Bi-Fold Patio Doors

Door Furniture – Door furniture such as the door handles tend to get very greasy over time from their constant use. To clean your patio door handles you can simply use soapy water and a cloth. It’s important to pay close attention however to the inside of the handles as this is where the most dirt accumulates. Any door furniture should be lightly polished when it’s clean and dried.

Door Frame – The door frame will generally feature smears and smudges, especially when living with little fingers. When it comes to cleaning the door frame use a tough, but non scratch cloth or sourer and some soapy warm water to scrub any stubborn marks. The rest of the door frame can simply be wiped down with a wet soapy cloth. Once done make sure you give it a dry with a dry cloth. Generally, the edge of the door is used as a way to open the door so make sure you wipe down the door edges to remove any additional marks of dirt.

Door Rails – The door rails of the patio door should also be given a clean. Dirt build up can cause problems with the patio door rolling or sliding evenly. To remove this dirt or debris from the door rails simply take a damp cloth and run it along the rail. A vacuum clean before the damp cloth is also advised if there’s a lot of debris build up.

Glass – The glass of the bi-fold patio door should be cleaned on both sides. This can be done by the use of a mild detergent in a mixture of water. The mixture shouldn’t be too strong to generate the creation of bubbles. Use a cloth and scrub the glass gently. You can use newspaper to dry the glass as it will absorb the moisture more than a dry cloth would. This should leave the glass nice and clean. Sometimes fingerprints may require a harder scrubbing pad to remove them, especially if they’re sticky.


Cleaning and maintaining the look of your bifold patio doors is essential to keeping them looking their best at all times. If you haven’t cleaned your doors in a long while it may be best to give it a go. Remember to always use warm soapy water, not hot water as this helps to remove the debris better. So are your patio doors in need of a good clean? Are you going to give them a clean this coming weekend?

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