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Can Gastric Balloon Be A Safe Weight Loss Procedure?

The popularity of several weight loss treatment has surged during the past couple of decades as it becomes more affordable and accessible. One of the most popular and affordable weight loss procedure is gastric balloon procedure. This is a great process in which a small silicon pouch is inserted into the patient’s stomach which positively reduces its size and makes an individual get full quicker. The gastric balloon procedure prevents an obese patient eating too much and gets them in all-important habit of experiencing sensible sized portions.

What is a Gastric Balloon?

A gastric balloon is actually a small silicon pouch which is generally inserted into the patient’s stomach very easily and simply by using an endoscopic tube. The endoscopic is passed through the mouth and it is inserted into the stomach with the balloon in a deflated state. The silicon balloon is then put into proper place and inflate using either air or saline solution.

How Does the Gastric Balloon Process Work?

Once the gastric balloon is successfully inserted into the patient’s stomach and placed in proper position and inflated, it fills up a significant part of the stomach. Since the balloon is inserted into the stomach, it obviously leaves less room in the stomach for food. The pressure from the balloon will usually make the patient feel full quite easily. Once the gastric balloon is installed in the stomach, the patients feels it very difficult to eat too much food, and therefore they should lose weight very fast and easily. However, a gastric balloon is a temporary procedure which can be used for a certain time period. It is then up to the patient to continue to intake small amount of food and to have more sensible meals to maintain a healthy weight. By maintaining a strict diet and post-treatment instructions, patient can prevent the weight they have lost in the surgery coming back.

Who Are Suitable Candidate For Gastric Balloon Process?

Gastric balloon is ideal for patients who are severely obese. An individual who is severely overweight and has a Body Mass Index (BMI) level of between 26 and 30, is the best fit for Gastric balloon process. For patients who are not overweight or morbidly obese, can go for gastric band surgery as this may be a more suitable option.

What Are The Benefits of Gastric Balloon?

Other than fast weight-loss that you can experience by using a gastric balloon, there are some other important benefits of this process as well. It is a simple and non-surgical procedure. Unlike other weight loss methods, there is no surgery involved in gastric balloon. Patients who undergo gastric balloon process can be in and out of the hospital in just one day and will face less trauma as well.

Since gastric balloon process can only be used for up to six months, it can act as an effective solution for those who have an important and special event such as wedding coming up. However, gastric balloon process should not be seen as an easy fix since you have to be fully committed to following the post-treatment instructions.

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